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Chapter 1 Recruiting Responsibilities Recruiting Misconduct Recruiting misconduct is defined as any willful or intentional conduct by a recruiter contrary to this paragraph or any other applicable publication that is prejudicial to the good order and discipline of the Armed Forces, or of a nature that could bring discredit upon the Air Force. Failure by military members to obey the mandatory provisions of paragraphs 1.

ANG members in Title 32 status are subject to their respective state military codes. Recruiting personnel will maintain high standards of conduct and be totally professional in their relationships with applicants. These prohibitions apply from the first contact between a prospect, an applicant or a recruit and the recruiter through entry-level training and for six months after the trainee completes all Initial Active Duty for Training IADT requirements. Recruiters will not make statements to a prospect, applicant or recruit that imply the Air Force will take legal action against an individual who refuses to enter active duty AD or extended active duty EAD.

Enlist in the delayed enlistment program DEP ; or, 1. Take a commissioning oath in the AFR. Recruiters will not mislead or misinform a prospect or applicant regarding any aspect of recruiting policy, procedures, entitlements, benefits, or any intentional misinformation designed to induce an applicant to apply for or accept enlistment, commissioning, assignment or appointment. Entry Level Performance and Conduct.

Separate a member while in entry level status Members enlisted in the DEP may be involuntarily separated under this provision if they become disqualified for enlistment in the Regular Air Force for any reason, or refuse or fail to enlist in the Regular Air Force, or enter active duty at the time and place designated. The character of separation or discharge will be entry level separation or discharge.

Comments: Entry Level Separation is the only characterization of service indicated in the regulation for discharge from the DEP. View related fact sheet Contact the Hotline today to discuss your options with a trained civilian counselor.


Delayed Entry Program Discharge (DEP Discharge)



AFI 36-3209 PDF



Air Force Instructions


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