Rob rated it it was amazing Mar 22, Ignatius of Loloya, and Spiritaul. Wanda rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Matthew rated it really liked it Nov 27, No trivia or quizzes yet. Spiritual Theology Aumann takes the categories of Ascetical and Mystical theology and treats it under the category of spiritual theology. Aumann made his profession of vows as a Dominican Friar in and was ordained to the priesthood in This is a book I think would be beneficial for all and one that can be also used as a reference considering its broad range.

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But a question comes to mind for many of our listeners Tommy and that is you talked about the wonderful relationship you have with the Holy Spirit what about Jesus, what about God the Father do you talk to them. Because He wanted me to get it; meaning He wanted me to know that not only did He want to have intimacy with me but He was the person that was standing by Jesus to lead us into the presence of Jesus.

In the distance I knew that there was someone sitting in the seat of the throne. The Bible says that the Father is seated in the throne in Heaven and that Jesus is now at His right hand and is seating. And as I was standing there the Holy Spirit released my hand and I was standing there.

He was standing behind me the Holy Spirit and let me go and take a couple more steps and Jesus came down from.. And He shared a couple of other things there that were more personal. And while He was speaking to me I laughed, but I laughed out of unbelief because He was saying speaking things into my life that were not yet in place. Sid: Can you tell me one thing that just seemed outrageous to you at the time. And my laugh was more on unbelief and when I laughed it was the first time that God Almighty had spoken.

Sid: Did He tell you that you would have a deliverance ministry? Sid: Hm. Tommy: Everything in Heaven comes to a pause, I felt like everything that was taking place in Heaven stops, His voice was…the only way that I could describe the voice of God is like a train that is coming down and along with the train there is mighty waters are coming down. But when He said that I realized that my question to Jesus was a question of questioning whether they were capable of doing this.

But when I came back into my room I was numb physically I was numb for about 3 days. My hands were numb, my face as numb; after 3 or 4 days slowly it started to fade away into my same normal feeling on my flesh. Sid: Any idea why this was going on?

It literally…being in the presence of God your flesh…I mean our flesh was not meant to be in His presence and so you know anytime that I go in the presence of God when I come back into the room I cannot feel my flesh. Sid: Tommy you told me that the Holy Spirit had a message for the people that are listening before we started this week; would you tell me what the Holy Spirit said.

We were created for intimacy; it was the purpose why you and I were created to have an intimate relationship with God. If you have a close relationship with God here on the earth, that is the same level of intimacy that you will carry and breathe into Heaven.

Sid: God told you that. I would be running to serve God. But David, he becomes a Marine. He was continually, continuously going down, down, down. Someone invites him to go to church with him and he had an accident that almost cost him his life. What happened to you? I fell on the conveyor and I tried to lift myself up, Sid, but I had no strength. Then God Himself allowed me to hear my heartbeat. Give me another chance.

Here comes my friends, coming to party. They were like, hey man. I said, I went out on the porch. You all know I almost died today. And I sat in the back of the church and the preacher was preaching. And as he began to preach, all the conviction started hitting me. And I said, I got to save myself. Run out of here. Get out of here! I remember. But when I hit the floor, there were no ushers there to let me down easy. But it was like falling on a bed of cotton. Then all of a sudden the girls were looking at me.

Back then, I thought I was a cool daddy. And I said, let me get off the floor with these beautiful girls looking at me. Then the supernatural began, and it began in my belly. Then it got in my chest. Then it got in my throat. Then my tongue began to cling to the roof of my mouth. Then I began to hear myself speak a heavenly language. All of a sudden, I started experiencing such joy, such peace I had never experienced before.

I was addicted to crack cocaine, acid, mescaline, THC, alcohol. But God delivered me. And I got off the floor and I was just speaking in my heavenly ways.

And then the ushers were trying to grab me. God has him now. Now what happened to your alcohol addiction? What happened to your drug addiction? Instantly healed by the mighty God of Israel. And I can see all the beautiful skies and the sun, and all the happiness, people going to and fro, mothers with their children going into the grocery stores, people pumping gas, businessmen with their ties and briefcase going into the buildings.

And all of a sudden, a thick darkness and clouds started appearing upon the earth. And then all of a sudden there was a sound from Heaven, a sound that I have never heard before in all my born days. It was like seven claps of thunder uttered into one. The sound was so deafening, not only did it pierce the ears of all mankind, but it began to pierce them that when they heard it their bodies began to shake and quake.

This sound was so deafening, people began to scream. Then all of a sudden like someone took a razor blade and split the heavens, here come the Son of God with all his bands of angels and all of his glory. Oh Sid, and the colors were glorious, splendid, magnificent, glorious, the blues, the golds, the greens. I had never seen such colors like this. And he was coming speedily on the earth. Then people began to urinate on themselves and scream.

I thought I had time. All time had ran out for all mankind. It has come! And I began to pray for me. I began to intercede for me because God allowed me to see such terror. Such terror, such horror. And I began to repent over my own life. Lord, save me. God, forgive me. Because He allowed me to sense what everyone was feeling. And I began to repent.

If I have hurt you or come against you in any shape or form, please forgive me, Lord. Lord, please allow me to be counted worthy to go back with you. I have seen the Day of the Lord. Whether they would believe you or not, give them warning from you.

Whether they receive you or not, give them warning from you. For the day of the Lord is at hand. Now what are you going to do about it? If you are lukewarm, you are backslidden and you are not prepared for the Day of the Lord, you are either going forward red hot for the Messiah or deceived.

No in-between. Believe that Jesus died for your sins. Come and live inside of me. I make you Lord of my life. God has given you a very strong charge to tell people. But simultaneously God is telling many people even that are not believers in the Messiah the same thing. For instance, orthodox Jews in Israel are being told that we are in footsteps of the coming of the Messiah.

In other words, they know something is up in the air. About the same time that David had that dream, I had a dream. If someone had said to me, the Lord is coming back soon, I would have said, yes, I believe that.


Tommy Almonte

Thanks ;- teachjngs hotmail. The Amazon review looks interesting. This is a great site to find freely available books http: Scott Berry USD If you do need to post your email, do so in a way unrecognizable to a machine, an example teachimgs be: Books and Websites Lopon Tenzin Namdak: A Theory of Architecture Author: You save USD Transcribed and edited by John Myrdhin Reynolds from the Lopons original lectures, the dzogcuen are provided here with a new introduction and annotations, as well as an appendix with a brief biography of bonop Lopon and a sketch of the educational system at his monastery of Triten Norbutse in Nepal. Home About us How to order Contact us. Here the Lopon compares the Dzogchen view with the views of Madhyamaka, Chittamatra, Tantra and Mahamudra, clearly indicating the similarities and the differences among them. Great idea, John and thanks for pointing this out.


The God That I Know

Sky in the Deep: Tommy has devoted his life to helping others develop a closer relationship with God, and he has developed curricula and classes for this purpose. The application deadline will follow the municipal election and will be advertised in journeey local paper in November This is your opportunity to: Elementary, Season 4, d. Written in an easy-to-read style and formatted in six different sections, including a study guide that allows readers to go deeper into the concepts highlighted in the book. We welcome your interest and encourage you to explore the many resources the Library has to offer.



Kakasa A simple guide to witchcraft, magic, rituals and Wiccan beliefs. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Appears to be a great reference book. Awaiting you among these pages are spirits of fertility, birth, healing, death, and destruction; spirits of disaster relief and those of good fortune; spirits whose primary purpose is to relieve world suffering, as well as a few who really enjoy stirring up trouble! Living as a Solitary Wiccan.


The God That I Know : A Journey to Intimacy by Tommy Almonte (2004, Paperback)

Shaktisho Bijaganita Bhaskara showed that when a planet is at its farthest or at its closest from Earth, the equation of the centre vanishes. He knew about the sine table and relationships between various trigonometric functions. Bhaskara calculated that it would take His work was built on bijaganitq developed after his death by another Indian mathematician, Madhava of Sangamagrama, as well as by mathematicians at the Bijgaanita School. It has verses and is divided into four parts; although, sometimes the books are viewed as separate books. Sometimes the last two books Grahaganita and Goladhyaya have been treated as the only two parts of the Siddhanta Siromaniwhile the first two books Lilavati and Bijaganita are viewed as two independent books. From this, Bhaskara concluded that at some point, the differential of the equation of the centre is equal to zero. Bhaskara also looked at ways to bijagnita upon some of the work done by Brahmagupta.

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