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ISBN alk. Oil well drilling. University of Texas at Austin. Petroleum Extension Service. Brand names, company names, trademarks, or other identifying symbols appearing in illustrations or text are used for educa- tional purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement by the author or publisher. Catalog No. No state tax funds were used to print this book. Drilling rigs are large to accommodate the size of the drilling equipment and pipes. ConocoPhillips Britannia platform in the North Sea 2 3.

Drilling rig with a mast height of feet 45 metres 2 4. Personal protective equipment PPE includes hard hats, gloves, hearing protection, and safety glasses. Steel stairways with handrails are used to get to the drilling rig floor.

Note the drill pipe on the ramp at right. The drawworks is part of the hoisting system used to lift drill pipe into place. Whaling ships in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The barrels in the foreground are filled with whale oil.

Oilwells in Balakhani, a suburb of Baku, Azerbaijan, in the late s 8 9. Oil Creek near Titusville, Pennsylvania as it looks today 8 Edwin L. Drake right and his good friend Peter Wilson, a Titusville pharmacist, in front of the historic Drake well in 9 Patillo Higgins 11 Anthony Lucas, mining engineer at Spindletop 11 Wall cake stabilizes the drilling hole 12 14a. The Lucas well is estimated to have flowed about 2 million gallons 7, cubic metres of oil per day.

Spindletop oilfield in , two years after the first well was drilled 12 A cable-tool rig 15 A polycrystalline diamond compact bit PDC left and a tri-cone bit right 17 The drill stem puts the bit on the bottom of the drilling hole. Two floorhands place a joint of drill pipe in the mousehole prior to adding it to the active drill string. Components in the rotary table rotate the drill string and bit.

A powerful motor in the top drive rotates the drill string and bit. The bit is rotated by a downhole motor placed near it. A pump circulates drilling mud down the drill pipe, out the bit, and up the hole. Two pumps are available on this rig to move drilling fluid down the pipe.

Drilling mud 20 A land rig 21 An offshore jackup rig 21 An inland barge rig 21 Rigs can be disassembled and moved piece-by-piece to a new location. Types of MODUs 23 The first MODU was a posted-barge submersible designed to drill in shallow water. When the bottles are flooded, the weight makes the bottle- type rig sink to the seafloor.

Ice floes on the North Bering Sea 26 A concrete island drilling system CIDS features a reinforced concrete caisson. Drilling equipment is placed on the deck of a barge to drill in the shallow waters of bays and estuaries. Four boats tow a jackup rig to its drilling location. A jackup rig with four column-type legs 28 A jackup with open-truss legs 29 The hulls of these jackups are raised to clear the highest anticipated waves.

A semisubmersible rig floats on pontoons. The main deck of a semisubmersible is huge. Shown here is the deck of the BP Thunder Horse. Pathfinder 10,foot ultradeepwater drillship 33 Marine riser 34 45a.

The heave compensator keeps proper tension on the drill string. Heave compensator 36 Workers on a drilling rig 37 Department of Interior Mineral Management Service map of proposed sale of government mineral leases in 38 IADC standard drilling bid form 41 A computer display showing a well log 42 A member of a casing crew stabs one joint of casing into another.

Personnel on this offshore rig enjoy good food in the galley. A driller on an offshore rig works in an environmentally controlled cabin. A derrickman checking the weight or density of the drilling mud 47 Floorhands latch big wrenches called tongs onto the drill pipe. Floorhands using power tongs to tighten drill pipe 49 Roustabouts move casing from a supply boat to the rig.

A crane operator manipulates controls from a position inside the crane cab. Arctic Discoverer LNG transport ship 56 A pore is a small open space in a rock. A cross-section showing pore space and the small connections between larger pores 58 Connected pores give rocks permeability. A fault trap and an anticlinal trap 61 Types of stratigraphic traps 63 A combination trap 64 A piercement salt dome 64 To the right of the tire, a large heavy plate vibrates against the ground to create sound waves.

Several special trucks vibrate plates against the ground. Fugro Explorer seismic vessel 67 Stuck into the ground, a geophone picks up reflected sound waves. Geologists working at a prospective petroleum area at the Peel Plateau in the Yukon 71 A reserve pit 74 Typical onshore layout of a drilling location 75 77a. Pit cleaning with Super Vac units 76 77b. Reserve pit cleanup and removal 76 A concrete pad to support the substructure surrounds this cellar.

The kelly has been placed in the rathole when the rig is not drilling. A rathole rig drills the first part of the hole. The conductor hole 80 The large diameter pipe to the right is the top of the conductor pipe. A portable shallow oil drilling rig 83 85a. A heavy lift vessel carries a semisubmersible to a new drilling location. The Black Marlin heavy lift vessel transporting the Nautilus rig 84 A box-on-box substructure 86 A slingshot substructure is shown in folded position prior to being raised.

The slingshot substructure near its full height 87 This drawworks will be installed on the rig floor. The drilling line is spooled onto the drawworks drum. A mast being raised to a vertical position 89


Primer of Oilwell Drilling, 7th Ed.



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