Rewrite you destiny in two powerful days. As co- creators of our lives we can realign ourselves with the harmony of the universe by creating a balance between our thoughts and desires. The Alpha Mind Power workshops are a model for effective time management, planning and organisation. Dr Vijayalakshmi designed the Alpha Mind Power workshops after painstaking research that underscores the effect of meditation on the mind.

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This knowledge should make us give more thought and respect to our intestines. But the opposite is true in most cases! Most of us think of our guts as the place where our food is digested; and take these organs for-granted, expecting them to digest whatever we throw at into them. Perhaps, it is time to think again To find out which bacteria has a majority in our gut; we need to pay attention to our bodies and listen to our gut-instinct.

Abdominal Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, acid-reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, skin problems like eczema, restless sleep, migraine headaches, an inability to lose weight, and sugar cravings are sure signs symptoms of the bad bacteria ruling the roost in our guts!

And when bad bacteria is in majority, our gut-instincts are in trouble! How do bad bacteria get to rule our guts? There are only possible two ways - either we are eating something that is making bad bacteria thrive or we are ingesting something that is killing the good bacteria! Processed foods, sugars, and refined carbohydrates make the bad bacteria thrive; while pasteurized milk, chemicals- pesticide laden foods meats, fruits, vegetables, grains , chlorinated water, and antibiotics etc kill good bacteria.

How can we reverse this trend, restore the good bacteria and sharpen our gut instincts? The answer is simple. We need to stop feeding the bad bacteria and killing the good bacteria. A few steps that can be taken and I like to take are:- Eat organic foods grow your own food , as much as possible Eat fermented foods, such as yoghurt lassi , idli, dhokla Eat live foods, such as sprouts Reduce intake of sugar, refined, processed, packaged foods Drink freshly squeezed veg-fruit juices Send love and light to the good bacteria residing in the gut.

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