Note that many links below are obsolete, as the main site for AYP has moved. It is probably best just to go to their new home page and look around from there. I am not responsible for it, except for the "publishing. Neither is it primarily a kundalini yoga teaching.

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It integrates principles and streamlines practices from bhakti yoga, mantra yoga, kriya yoga, raja yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga and tantra techniques. Whereas AYP has not introduced new yoga practices, it has departed from the usual pattern of yoga teaching, in which the advanced practices are kept secret and only revealed under the guidance of a guru. This contrasts with the more traditional approach in which a guru sets the pace for the practitioner.

All of the instruction are available for free at www. Teachings: You will find all the teachings of AYP in main lessons and tantra lessons. The lessons concentrate on cultivating the two components of enlightenment with a variety of practices.

What happens outside is a reflection of what is happening inside, not the other way around. The guru is a flow of consciousness that begins in us, travels outward on our desire, connects outer knowledge, and then expands inside us as the knowledge is applied. Self-pacing: A lot of stress is put on self-pacing in practices. Main reason for this is that each person has a unique capacity for purification. Self-pacing is for determining how much practice is enough for a safe and enjoyable rise of kundalini , and how much is too much.

Experiences are a good sign of progress in the journey to enlightenment, but it is practices that moves us forward. It is his thank you to all the great ones who have taught and forwarded yoga before. His request to all who want to thank him is to continue with daily yoga practices, enjoy the results and if this has helped you, pass the word about the lessons, go out and help people in need… share your good will. And then, if they are obliged, tell them to go help others. Horizontal teaching: This is a concept in where in people pass their practices and experiences on to others in everyday life, as well as in the classroom and yoga studio.

The lessons, by themselves, can inspire and empower people to take up yoga practices. This is the mathematics of spreading good in an exponentially expanding way.


Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP)




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