It is their hands which are tied and they are cursed for what they have said. Rather, His hands are outspread, spending as He wills. Allah hears your dialogue, for Allah is hearing and seeing. Nay, our messengers are with them recording.

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All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. No understanding can fully comprehend Him. As His attributes were before creation, so will they continue forever.

Every matter is easy for Him. He knew what they would do before He created them. His will is always accomplished. The will of the servants is only what He wills for them. Whatever He wills for them comes to be, and whatever He does not will for them does not come to be.

He protects them and secures them as grace. He leads astray whomever He wills. He humiliates them and He puts them to trial as justice. We are certain that it is all from Him.

It originally came from Him, without ascribing modality to His speech. He sent it down upon His messenger as revelation.

The believers accept all of that as the truth. They are certain that it is the word of Allah the Exalted in reality. Whoever hears it and imagines that it is human speech has committed unbelief. Whoever grasps this will be careful and restrained from the likes of what is said by the unbelievers. He knows that the attributes of Allah are unlike those of human beings. The explanation of this is as Allah the Exalted intended and knows. Compulsive, disagreeable, doubtful, and deviant, he is not a true believer, nor a stubborn denier.

This is the religion of the Muslims. He does not have the characteristics of any creature. He is not contained by six directions like the rest of created things. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, was taken by night and ascended in person during wakefulness, to the heavens and then to whichever heights Allah willed for him.

Allah blessed him and granted him peace in the Hereafter and in this world. This number will neither increase, nor decrease. Deeds are judged as they are at the end of life.

Those who are blessed are blessed by the decree of Allah, and those who are damned are damned by the decree of Allah.

It has not been shown to an angel near to Him, nor to a prophet He sent. Delving and investigating deeply into that is a cause of loss, a ladder to deprivation, and a degree of transgression. Whoever asks why He did something has rejected the judgment of the Book, and whoever rejects the judgment of the Book is among the unbelievers.

It is the degree of those rooted in knowledge, for knowledge in the creation is of two types: accessible knowledge and inaccessible knowledge. To deny accessible knowledge is unbelief, and to claim to know what is inaccessible is unbelief.

Faith is only affirmed by accepting accessible knowledge and abandoning pursuit of inaccessible knowledge. If all of them gathered against something Allah had not decreed on it to be, that they try to bring it into existence, they would have no power to do so. The Pen has dried of what will be until the Day of Resurrection.

Whatever he received, he would have never missed. He measured all of that with precise measurement, judgment, and finality. There is nothing to reduce it, nor amend it, nor remove it, nor change it, nor divert it, nor decrease it, nor add to it. Then woe to him whose heart becomes ill regarding providence.

He has traversed the path of his delusions in investigating the Unseen, its secrets and hidden aspects. He ends up as a sinful liar due to what he said. We testify that they were all upon the clear truth. We testify that it is the speech of the Lord of the worlds, sent down by the Trustworthy Spirit Angel Gabriel , who taught it to the master of the messengers, Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

It is the speech of Allah the Exalted, in no way equal to the speech of creatures. We do not claim it is His creation, nor do we oppose the united community of Muslims. We cannot guarantee it for them and we cannot testify that they will be in Paradise. We seek forgiveness for the sinful, we fear for them, yet we do not despair over them.

The way of truth is between them both regarding the people who pray towards Mecca. The virtue of some over others is due to the fear of Allah, righteousness, opposing lowly desires, and adherence to the most important matters. The pleasant and unpleasant are both from Allah the Exalted. We make no distinction between any of His messengers. We accept all of them as true in what they brought.

After they meet Allah knowing faith, they are subject to His will and His judgment. Thereafter, He will bring them out of Hellfire by His mercy and the intercession of intercessors among those obedient to Him, then raise them to Paradise.

This is because Allah the Exalted is the ally of those who recognize Him and He will not deal with them in the two abodes as if they were the people who rejected Him, who failed to follow His guidance and did not earn His guardianship. We do not accuse them of unbelief, nor idolatry. The people who pray towards Mecca are not excommunicated, nor accused of hypocrisy, as long as they have not openly demonstrated anything of that.

We leave their inner-secrets to Allah the Exalted. We do not supplicate against them, nor withdraw from obedience to them. We view obedience to them as obedience to Allah Almighty, an obligation, as long as they do not order disobedience to Allah. We supplicate on their behalf for righteousness and wellness.

We avoid strange opinions, differences, and sectarianism. We hate the people of injustice and treachery. Nothing invalidates or rescinds them. For Allah the Exalted created Paradise and Hellfire before the rest of creation, then He created people for them. Everyone acts in accordance with what is decreed for him, becoming that for which he was created.

None has the power to perform obedience to Allah and be firm upon it except by the facilitation of Allah. His will overpowers all other wills, and His decree overpowers all other stratagems. None can be independent of Allah for as much as the blink of an eye.

Whoever considers himself independent of Allah for as much as the blink of an eye has committed unbelief and has become among of the people of perdition. We do not exaggerate in our love for any of them, nor do we disown any of them. We hate those who hate them or who mention them without good, for we do not mention them except with good.

Love for them is a part of religion, faith, and spiritual excellence, and hatred for them is unbelief, hypocrisy, and transgression. They are the righteous Caliphs and guided leaders.

Whoever mentions them in an evil way, he is on a path different from their path. We say that a single prophet is better than all the saints put together. We have faith in the rising of the sun from the west and in the emergence of the Beast from its place in the earth. It is between exaggeration and belittlement, between comparing the attributes of Allah to creation and negating them, between fatalism and unrestricted free will, and between guarantee and despair of Paradise. We disown before Allah the Exalted all those who oppose what we have mentioned and clarified.

We are innocent of them, for they are, to us, astray and ruined. And in Allah alone is protection and guidance. Success comes from Allah, and Allah knows best. Share this:.



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