In Body Weight Exercises , Working Out Your Legs The pistol squat has been one of my favorite bodyweight exercises for a long time, but it seems to get a lot of criticism from others. Would you try to teach a weak, tight individual to do a kettlebell snatch or a barbell clean and jerk? As a prerequisite, I would strongly recommend getting comfortable with the two-legged variety of squats before attempting single leg progressions. The ability to perform forty consecutive, deep two-legged bodyweight squats is a good baseline. Even people with strong legs should approach the move in a progressive manner when they are new to it.

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Simply fill out the form below and put Stretching Your Boundaries paperback to work for you right now. Go ahead and try it today.

Watch yourself move with the fluidity and grace of a great dancer. Feel your strength as you power into and hold the most challenging of bodyweight exercise moves.

See yourself ripple with the muscular, toned, symmetrical physique that signals the perfect marriage of form and function. All of this could be yours—with the right mindset, the right knowledge, the right mentor and the right blueprint for success. Enter Al Kavadlo books.

His hard-earned skills in the world of bodyweight exercise training are displayed through his words. This is a man who walks the walk of his talk—and then some. A man who models the capabilities and qualities of a bodyweight master—while also being able to teach and inspire others in the most practical of manners. In Stretching Your Boundaries, Al provides a blueprint that anyone can follow to achieve supreme physical elegance, mobility and strength—and to amp up their game in any aspect of physical performance.

Or "Zen and the Art of Stretch". There is a humble joy and a sense of well-being emanating from the man—that speaks volumes about his program. If you really want to succeed as a physical culturist—and if you really want to live a healthy, happy, long life—then the right combination of spirit, wisdom and hard, skilled practice is the essential recipe, or template if you will.

In Stretching Your Boundaries you will find the time-tested tools you need to continue cultivating yourself as a magnificent human artwork. But strength without mobility is meaningless. Al has used his many years of training and coaching to fuse bodyweight disciplines such as yoga, martial arts, rehabilitative therapy and bar athletics into the ultimate calisthenics stretching compendium.

He wrestles with many of the questions, dogmas and flat out lies about stretching that have plagued the fitness practitioner for at least the last decade.

And finally he gives you a practical guide to static stretching that will improve your movement, performance, breathing and life. Thank you Al, for helping to bring awareness to perhaps the most important aspect of physical education and fitness.

The explanation of how each stretch will benefit your calisthenics practice is brilliant. Finding great material on flexibility training that actually enhances your strength is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But look no further, because Stretching Your Boundaries is exactly what you need.

Page 1 The 3 "must-have" qualities that transform your stretching results from mediocre to golden Page 1 "Different strokes for different folks" is mission-critical for an effective personal stretching program. Page 1 When certain stretches can spell disaster—and perhaps for you. Check here for the full scoop Page 2 How and why a lack of mobility could be sabotaging your true athletic potential Page 5 How to achieve a full, healthy range-of-motion in all your joints Page 5 The pitfalls of "aggressive" goal-setting—and the better alternative for longterm success as a physical culturist Page 5 How to unify body and mind in your practice this is essential for serious progress Page 7 When, why and how movement can be your best medicine for aggavated muscles and conditions like tendinitis Page 19 What is the greatest barrier to achieving your true potential?

Page 21 Why mobility matters so much—if you wish to pull off high-level calisthenic moves Page 21 This muscle is usually sadly ignored—and yet its proper exercise has a vast impact on your core strength. Are you making this mistake? Page 30 The relationship between correct breathwork and bodyweight mastery Page 30 Could this be THE key to total body control—and extreme calistenic strength?

Page 31 How to master your Stretch Reflex for safer, more effective stretches Page 39 Get exact descriptions, common mistakes and the primary muscle groups affected by this series of dynamic stretches Pages 41 and on The Toy Soldier—a great dynamic stretch for the hamstrings, hips and trunk Page 44 The perfect stretch to prepare for push ups and handstands Page 45 The Egg Beater—great for building active mobility in the hips Page 47 How to use the strength of certain muscles to stretch and activate others Page 49 Standing Static Stretches—correct breathing, common mistakes, primary muscle groups targeted and the Calisthenics counterpart Page 49 and on Explore the "Mountain"—a simple yet potentially challenging opener for the shoulders and upper back Page59 How the Standing Plow can give you greater flexibility for extreme moves like Skinning the Cat Page63 Do you have incorrigably tight shoulders and pecs?

This could be your golden fix Page 73 Investigate the Tree—your one-legged balancing act will thank you for it! Pages This extremely famous Yoga move is fantastic for building flexibility in the entire posterior chain. Do you know it? Do you do it right? Pages Is too much tightness making a mockery of your Pike Push-Ups? Save face by practicing this move Page These two Yoga classics will work magic for your bridgability Pages Is a tight thoracic region making the Full Bridge a distant pipe dream?

THIS could well be the fix Pages Nice! Check out how to perform this cool Cross-Legged Pistol Squat Pages Twisting Hanging Knee Raise anyone? Prepare by scorching your abs and obliques with this ancient Yogic drill and watch what happens Pages THIS intense stretch for the entire posterior chain will also have you Skinning the Cat like a true pro Any healthy, able-bodied person should be able to achieve these 5 minimum standards of flexibility Pages Hypothetical Training Splits and Routines How to be agile and responsive in splitting up your training days and routines Pages 5 sample routines to optimally stretch your boundaries Pages


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Have you ever been curious about training with rings and parallettes? Next Level Strength includes a brand new bodyweight strength training program using rings and parallettes, as well as a detailed section on programming your own custom workouts. The book also contains extensive nutritional guidance, motivational tips and lots of other new insights! Next Level Strength is must have for anyone who is serious about calisthenics!


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