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Alberto was the first of five children. For a few years, the family spent almost half the year in Mexico City and the other half in northern Mexico. This experience gave him a unique early experience of the desert. From that involuntary sudden recollection he developed a special creative relationship with the Moroccan desert, especially the walled city of Essaouira the ancient Mogador , which became a principal setting for most of his novels.

As he explains in his essay, "The nine gifts that Morocco gave me": My first trip to Mogador became a much longer and deeper journey. First came the shock of discovering a place that on spite of being so distant from Mexico provoked a strong impression of recognition, much greater than the one a Mexican receives upon arriving to Spain.

A combination of body language, place and objects made me feel that I had ventured into another Mexico. Our legacy derives from five centuries of mixing Indian and Spanish blood, but we must not overlook the Arabic heritage running through our veins, introduced by Spanirds bodies.

From these experiences he gained "a Baroque idea of the world as a complex reality that can only be fully understood and enjoyed with all the senses. This first search led to the novel Mogador, the names of the air. This became a series that included En los labios del agua, Los Jardines secretos de Mogador, and Nueve veces el asombro.

The full series took almost twenty years to write, as each published novel generated many letters in response, mostly from women telling their own stories of desire. He worked as both an editor and a writer, building on his experiences as managing editor of the Mexican magazine Vuelta , edited by Octavio Paz , from to That is why his language is the Touch, the sense that implies all the others.

One of the most important books written in Spanish in recent years. Only one of his books has been published in English, however. They remain in print in Spanish as cult favorites, unusual for poetry. His first work came out in , when he was awarded the Xavier Villaurrutia Prize, the most prestigious literary recognition in Mexico. The Governor of Kentucky awarded him as "Kentucky Colonel", the highest distinction given in that state, where he also is Honnorary Citizen of Louisville.

He continues to speak internationally and travel within Mexico as a researcher of diverse Mexican cultures. Bibliography[ edit ] Novels Los nombres del aire. En los labios del agua De agua y Aire. Los jardines secretos de Mogador.

Nueve veces el asombro. La mano del fuego. Quinteto de Mogador. Short Stories Los demonios de la lengua. Cuentos de Mogador. La huella del grito. Essays Al filo de las hojas. Ars de cuerpo entero. Con la Literatura en el cuerpo. Aventuras de la mirada. Cuatro escritores rituales.


Alberto Ruy Sánchez



Los jardines secretos de Mogador


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