More Information The Alcon Infiniti Vision System is an ophthalmic surgical instrument used in cataract surgery in hospital and clinics. The versatility of the system offers three cataract removal options: ultrasonic phacoemulsification, ultrasound with oscillation, and liquification. The handpiece enables side-to-side oscillating ultrasonic movement that allows the medical device to be used for a wide range of phacoemulsification procedures. It is also designed to reduce repulsion by using a shearing effect from the ultrasonic oscillations to cut the lens material. The lens material is emulsified using side-to-side movement to increase the cutting efficiency.

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Alcon for decades has been an industry leader in cataract surgical technology, leading the charge in innovative surgical platforms such as the Legacy, Infiniti, and now the Centurion. With decades of experience in cataract surgery at Surgical Direct, we have never seen a machine that has offered so many practical and technological benefits as does the Centurion. We offer all current Phaco platforms available today to our customers, based on their preference.

However, we believe that if you are still using the Alcon Infiniti for your cataract procedures, that there are great benefits available to you in upgrading from Alcon Infiniti to Alcon Centurion. The bottle height determines the depth of the chamber within the eye, and each step in the procedure typically has slightly different parameters.

Gravity-based fluidics has been a standard in Phaco technology for decades and still has certain benefits. The only downfall to a gravity-based fluidic system is that the chamber will tend to fluctuate each time the surgeon steps on or off the pedal. Additionally, a gravity-based fluidic system has little control over a post-occlusion surge from occurring.

These plates are hyper-sensitive down to single-digit mmHg readings of pressure in the eye and are automated based on the pressure reading inside the eye using pressure sensors. In short, Centurion actually controls the pressure in the eye dynamically, keeping a constant state of pressure based on the inputted settings. This virtually eliminates the chance of a post-occlusion surge, because the plates adjust according to the pressure reading, making Active Fluidics the safest fluidic platform available today.

In turn, this allows the surgeon to be more at ease during his cases, not worrying about a surge in intraocular pressure. This brought a different ultrasonic motion to the Phaco tip that reduced overall energy displaced in the eye significantly compared to previous Phaco technologies.

Lower energy output in the eye during surgery, the better. The balanced tip only available for use with the Centurion harnesses the Torsional power of the tip in a different way, dispersing the energy in a more efficient way.

What does this mean? This means that the energy used in each case is more effective. This makes for a happy surgeon because lower energy output typically means better vision outcomes for their patients. With a number of software updates since its first release, Infiniti has continued to be supported and improved upon by Alcon until when the Centurion was released.

Infiniti machines will start to have a higher risk of break down and malfunction simply due to older parts. Plus, Alcon has made an obvious manufacturing shift due to their new technology offering, and fewer replacement parts for Infiniti are being manufactured. Centurion — The Alcon Centurion comes with many practical features that make upgrading from Alcon Infiniti to Alcon Centurion an easy choice. A Wireless FootPedal. Alternating from left eyes to right eyes is easier.

Room turnover rolling beds in and out no longer have to worry about chords. B Handpieces. When you upgrade to Centurion, you no longer have to buy all new handpieces. Even though Alcon introduced a new handpiece with this system, you are not tied to using them. Why is this important? With the ever-changing sterilization requirements from joint commission or other governing medical bodies , having a shortage of handpieces can make a heavy cataract day difficult.

This is a motor-driven IOL injector that hooks into the Centurion, allowing for single-handle injection of the IOL at predetermined insertion speeds. A very nice feature that brings more stability to this vital step of the cataract procedure. More info on Alcon Centurion and its features. There are many more amazing features that Centurion has to offer.

Or maybe you have multiple surgeons operating in your facility, and one wants Centurion, and the other does not. Surgical Direct exists to serve. On top of that, our well-trained and professional surgical coordinators know all the ins-and-outs of Centurion and will help your staff acclimate to the change in platform. We make it easy. Are you thinking about upgrading from Alcon Infiniti to Alcon Centurion?

Leave us a comment and let us know your reservations. We are confident that we can help make it possible in your facility. Want more info about Surgical Direct?


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