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Bhuvana is a teacher and Loka is studying. Inbanathan proposes to marry Bhuvana. She agrees this but he asks to avoid Loka. Loka is in love with Suganthan, who comes to Malaysia for a cofee exhibition. Bhuvana notices her change and she meets Sugan and finds out that he is not going to marry Loka. She meets Dhayananthan,Sugans elder brother, and asks him to condemn Sugan, which he didnt take serious and leaves. Sugan goes back to India once his work is over.

Loka is carrying his baby. Bhuvana meets Dhaya and tells this. He gives a cheque for the expenses and tells that aborting the baby will be a better option for Loka. Inban asks Bhuvana to leave her sister and arrange to marry her, which she refuses.

After two weeks,Dhaya meets both the sisters and convince the sisters about giving birth to the baby as Sugan died in an aircrash while he was in practice.

Bhuvana and Loka travels to India as Loka agrees this. They come to Kodaikanal and stays in Dhayas cottage. There Dhayas father is a paralytic patient, his mother Manohari is a house wife,younger sister Sudha is studying and his granny stays along with his uncles son Saravanan. Sudha is not mingling well with them.

Saravanan is taking Loka for daily walking. Bhuvana doesnt want to sit and eat with Dhayas money, she goes to his office and does the work there. Meantime Leena, Dhayas partners daughter is returning from abroad finishing her studies. Her mother is Manoharis close friend. The wedding with Dhaya and Leena is fixed already.

In the meantime Bhuvana falls in love with Dhaya and Loka with Saravanan. Granny and others agrees Lokas love and Sudha scolds Bhuvana that not to disturb Leenas life. Bhuvana leaves to Malaysia telling Loka alone.

Loka thinks that she goes to meet Inban as Lokas problem is solved. Saravanan notices that she is not in normal mood while walking. When he asks the reason, she says about Bhuvana. They rush to Dhaya and tells this that she goes to meet Inban. He just refuses that telling she forgot even his name and she is in love with Dhaya. Sudha hears this conversation and confirms to Dhaya whether he is in love with Bhuvana. Once he agreed she says Bhuvana will be leaving to Madurai to get Chennai Airticket to their regular travels.

Dhaya call up the travels and come to know Bhuvana has not reached Madurai. Dhaya calls Leena and she says Bhuvana must be in the office. Sudha refuses this and she says that Leena knows about Bhuvanas travel plan as it is urged based on her plans. Dhaya rushes to Leenas home. When Bhuvana was waiting for the bus, Leena picked up her in the car as if to drop in Madurai on time to get the flight.

She says Bhuvana that as Dhaya is in love with her, he will bring back Bhuvana and he will not marry Leena. So she shoots Bhuvana and she escapes somehow. Leenas parents come then and hand over Bhuvana safely to Dhaya and sells their shares in the business. Then formally Dhaya proposes and Bhuvana agrees to it. Click to expand Dallas and Jane are sister.

Jane was spending time with Paris. Dallas asks his father Alexander Stavos to stop him. When Jane and Paris are in the car they met with an accident and Paris died on the spot. Alex came to know that Jane is carrying. He took Jane to his Island and also convinces the Dallas to stay with her. Station goes there like this and near the end Jane met with an accident again and this time it relted in miscarriage. Dallas wanted to leave Alex and says her sister can live without her and whenever she wanted she can come to London.





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