A fitness conscious person, Mr. He is working with Resonance for two years now. This issue offers some motivating insights from his life, Collected from the interaction we had with him. Please tell us about your early childhood? Born and brought up on modest soil, I grew well under the humble care of my father, who works as an Indian Railway employee after having done the vocational course ITI- Industrial Training Institute , and my late mother who was a home-maker.

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A fitness conscious person, Mr. He is working with Resonance for two years now. This issue offers some motivating insights from his life, Collected from the interaction we had with him. Please tell us about your early childhood? Born and brought up on modest soil, I grew well under the humble care of my father, who works as an Indian Railway employee after having done the vocational course ITI- Industrial Training Institute , and my late mother who was a home-maker.

What inspired you for IIT? Inspiration starts at home and continues to gain density from external sources. At home, I was influenced and inspired by my father to study and work hard to ensure a good future.

What qualities one must possess to get into IITs? An insatiable hunger and thirst for bright future starts the whole process. Please share your experiences pertaining to studies at IIT-Bombay?

The name of the institute says it all. The entire team at Resonance Mumbai Centre is working constructively and innovatively under the able guidance of Lokesh Sir.

What made you enter the field of teaching? What is the responsibility of a teacher according to you? And teaching people at tender age, when they are sincere pupils, is quintessential for making the deepest impact on their lives, career and the society as a whole.

A teacher who can learn, unlearn and relearn brings out the best learning outcomes. Innovative teachings methodologies facilitated with classroom environment that is conducive to learning would motivate students to become self-disciplined and self-dependent. What suggestions or words of wisdom will you like to give to the students preparing for IIT-JEE at Resonance to increase their productivity? Walk in grace with constant hard work and sharp focus that cuts through all distractions with feet pressed firmly on strong path of sincerity.

Involve others when required and inculcate group discussion culture. Sanjay Akhade, born to a father who was a porter and a mother who worked as a beedi worker, has changed the wheels of his fate to become an IAS officer. He is from Nashilk and has secured rank. Son of Dhyandeo, an unlettered porter, and Vimal, a beedi worker, growing up was about bringing home some money.

He cleaned tables at hotels, worked at a medical store, distributed newspapers and manned an STD booth through his teens. Although a topper in school, Sanjay dropped out and pursued a course at the Industrial Training Institute; getting a job was priority.

He would attend class from 10 am to 5 pm and work at the STD booth till midnight. Despite a really hard life, Sanjay did not wallow in self pity and curse his fate. He found a way to learn and grow, within his limited resources.

And not for any particular reason. But somewhere deep down, he knew this was the only way to escape from the prison of circumstances and make something of himself.

Self-study was what the Marathi-educated Sanjay depended on as he learnt English through newspapers. His drive was recognised by a regular customer, Digambar Vaishyampai, a teacher who started bringing him books and encouraged him to return to studies. It was with his backing that Sanjay enrolled for the HSC exam and subsequently pursued his BA, ranking first in all exams, despite not being able to attend lectures.

His family started backing him too. He trails off into another incident that further strengthened his resolve-a narration that brings back memories of Slumdog hero Jamaal being interrogated by policemen. He first gave the UPSC exams with history as his subject in and failed twice. Although from a minority community, Sanjay applied through the open category as he wanted to play fair. He got married last year and has a four-month-old son named Yash. His interview in Delhi was his first trip to the capital.

When his phone rang on his birthday, he knew good news was on the way. His brilliant performance, during preparations at Resonance, reflected his hard work, efficiency, determination and balanced mind. As a father, Mr. Prakash Chand Jain let his children pursue their own dreams and goals and believed in a liberal upbringing.

This issue presents a brief summary of our interaction with him. Tell us something about your family and family background.

We come from business oriented families where education has no precedence over family business, but our children walk confidently on their chosen paths. We have three children: Prateek, Prashant and Prerna. Prateek is a commerce graduate and has joined our family business. Our daughter Prerna is also a commerce graduate and a C. She has recently earned accolades by clearing C. Prashant has been an inquisitive child right from his birth and has always carried a bag of endless questions.

A studious boy, but he never accepted the things as they were and owned a different perspective. I am a commission agent and a grain merchant in Bhamashan Mandi, Kota. I also own a fertilizer agency at Nayapura Kota and my wife is a home-maker, who manages home religiously. Indian Institute of Technology IITs is the most prestigious and most sought after institute which is capable of giving knowledge that not only increases your intelligent quotient but also gives your child a wide range of livelihood opportunities to choose from.

How did you know about Resonance? An institute can best be defined in terms of its results; everything else follows naturally. Resonance has a reputation of giving marvelous results year after year. What changes did you find in your son after joining Resonance? Finally, the joint efforts of Resonance and of his own were rewarded, as he got selected in IIT. How did you find academics and overall environment at Resonance?

Resonance has a competitive, supportive and encouraging environment. The most unforgettable moment for us is the Felicitation Function at Resonance when we were honored as the chief guests when our child got selected in the first attempt, earning 42nd rank in JEE. Joy knew no bounds when he drove home the grand achievement that we had been dreaming together for years. What is your message for parents of Reso students? Right now he is the cultural coordinator at IIT-Bombay and leads a team of 20 people who carry on their responsibilities under his guidance and supervision.

While I was studying in college, I used to work under a pharmaceutical distributor and sell glucose bottles to doctors. In , immediately after graduation, I started selling the newly launched Sunday Express subscriptions. On every subscription sold, I used to get rupees 5. I had been given a target of selling 20 subscriptions a day. Though it was a physically and mentally strenuous task, I worked hard to achieve it. Moreover, door-to -door selling only helped me to become more tolerant towards others and their nature.

There, I could see the bigger picture and how a small idea can become huge and create a lot of wealth for the country. After another two years at Wipro, I finally realised that if you have the passion and belief in whatever you do, you can achieve anything. I had always learnt the importance of processes even when we were small. And I knew that these processes would be hugely beneficial as we grow.

Today, we follow the same processes and it has made life much simpler, seamless and transparent. Hence, when the thought of opening a pre-school came up, I used all my professional experience and skills towards building Tree House to what it is today. I was seeking admission for my son and found that there was a lack of quality pre-schools in the city.

In my current role, I have developed a unique business model by using my previous skills as an I-banker to the fullest. Through NTSE, talented students are honored and helped by providing financial assistance in the form of a monthly scholarship.

Scholarship: On the basis of the examination conducted, scholarships will be awarded all over India to each student appearing for Class VIII examinations. For the courses in Basic sciences, Social Sciences and Commerce, this assistance is provided up to Ph. For professional courses like Engineering, Medicine, Management and Law, this assistance is given only up to Post Graduation. Total students are selected for scholarship with applicable reservations. Selection Procedure: There will be a three stages selection process for the award of scholarship.

The final award of scholarship shall be declared on the basis of both the National level written examination and the interview. Stage-I examination conducted usually in the month of November. Only those students who qualify the written examination at the National Level will be invited for interview Stage-III. Both the written examinations at the State as well as National level will comprise of objective questions Multiple Choice only. There will be no negative marking. Syllabus: There is no prescribed syllabus.

All correspondence related to application forms should be addressed to the State Liaison Officers whose addresses are given on the website. The completed application forms duly signed by the Principal of the school should be submitted to the Liaison Officer before the last date. Option 2: It can be collected from school coordinator. The HR manager interviewed him and asked him to clean the floor as a part of the selection process. He then decided to go to the supermarket and buy a 10Kg tomato crate.

He then sold the tomatoes in a door to door round.


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Narr He took the international arm, with interests in Indonesia and Trinidad and Tobago, and the rest of the family kept the domestic Indian business. Our methodical design process enables us in setting objectives and a powerful message for the brand. We have made a fully transparent offer for Arcelor which is based on sound industrial logic. But the Mittals will continue to have a big controlling majority because of a dual stock structure. Print design Indo Desonance Take a look.



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