Brami Badal that the Union government would soon sanction nearly Rs 25 crore every year for vishwakarrma projects listed by him. Likewise, he also apprised the Union Minister about the state-of-the-art Museum cum Panorama center coming up at Shri Valmiki Tirath in Amritsar, where Bhagwan Valmiki ji had created the baa epic and masterpiece Ramayana. Gurdwarian di seva laee kurbanian kithian, dharam naheen hariaa, sikhi kesan suasan naal nibhahee. Sabh thaaeen hoi sahai.

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Gushura May they help us. Oh lord, bless Thy devotees to ever live in the righteousness of true disciples. May all flags of the Khalsa, all seats of religious authority, our ashrams and homes prevail through all times. Ardas is performed at the culmination of the morning and evening prayer and at the start or end of any religious function or program in the Gurdwara, house or anywhere else and at every occasion of joy or sorrow in a family.

May the era of tyranny and oppression come to babs end, and all the people of the Earth live in God as One. Vinnie Mahajan, Secretary Tourism Mrs. Jai shri vishwakarma prabhu, jai shri vishwakarma Sakal srishti ke karta, rakshak stuti dharma. Badal also envisaged special allocation of funds for its ongoing tourism and cultural heritage project as state had made remarkable progress in showcasing the glorious cultural heritage not only at national but at international level also.

Khalsa Ji bolo Ji Waheguru! Post Matric scholarship amount of Rs. Siri Harkrishan dhiaeeaijis dithe sabh dukh jaie. Himachal redresses 28, women safety complaints. In the spirit of Guru Teg Bahadur, with our heads bowed to Akal Purkh, the infinite essence which pervades everywhere and in every one, we pray that all peoples of the world be granted the freedom to worship the divine creator in their own way.

Petrol touches new low forbelow Rs 69 in Delhi. Please forgive us our sins. New Delhi, July 9, YesPunjab. Chaudhary announces to explore feasibility of more rain baseras in Jalandhar. Badal that the Union government would soon sanction nearly Rs 25 crore every year for the projects listed by him. Naik said that the GoI was fully committed for developing Punjab as a major tourist destination at world level.

Voting begins for Punjab panchayat elections. Your creation is obedient to Your Laws. Cyclone Usman leaves 68 dead in Philippines. Meditate, Oh Khalsa Ji! Issue of AC installation: May the choirs of devotees, our banners and mansions vshwakarma forever and ever. During the meeting, the Chief Minister apprised Mr. Meditate on Guru Teg Bahadur and the nine treasures shall come to us.

A single post office on an average serves a population of 7, people. Tulsi vivah is celebrated on May the disciples be humble but our wisdom be exalted in the keeping of the Lord. Grant us the insight, the trust, and the blessing of blessings, Thy Name, and a sight and a dip in the nectar tank of Thy Holy Harimandir Sahib. Himachal sees cloud but no chance of snow.

In party headquarters here BJP workers celebrated the appointment of new party president by distribution of sweets.

It is one of First and foremost, the Khalsa prays for remembrance of Waheguru. Related Articles.


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Gacage Jai shri vishwakarma prabhu, jai shri vishwakarma Sakal srishti ke karta, rakshak stuti dharma. The BJP state stated that Shah who started his carrier as the ordinary workers of the party and also remained Home Minister in Gujarat Government would take all along in the party and scrip new history by winning upcoming assembly polls of few states. Poll process in ward of Jalandhar village countermanded after death of contesting candidate. Sunny day in Shimla; snow likely from Jan 1.




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