Provide me with what you want to know! Adding some secrets I missed thanks to contributor submissions. There are other variations in the main quest that I did not add, as it may cause more confusion than necessary. Regardless, most of the necessary elements of the game are included.

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FAQ by Logik Version: 0. Version: 0. Use of this guide on any other website or other publication is prohibited without the express written consent of the author Chris Seale. Copyright , All Rights Reserved. The races lived together under the sun-lit sky. Suddenly and without warning the sun stopped shining, putting an abrupt end to this age of harmony. Driven underground into the Dwarf mines by the darkness and cold, the inhabitants of Arx were forced to start new lives in the shafts and caverns.

For a while, the Humans, Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls alike, were united by a common purpose, but quickly animosities started to build. The lack of resources caused the races to resort to violence and conflict. The build-up of hate, anger, and violence brought forth a terrifying evil, Akbaa, the Lord of Destruction.

Akbaa took great pleasure in the suffering and death of humans. Legend has it that Akbaa aligned himself with former High Priest Iserbius and founded a cult. This cult was hell-bent on spreading the terror of their masters, constructing hidden temples, and performing human sacrifices.

The Sybarta kept the balance of power between the gods, and after receiving the message, sent a guardian to Arx. No one has seen this guardian, no one knows when he will arise, and no one knows when the threat of Akbaa will finally by neutralized. This guardian is you. The box release has several bugs, and most of them are addressed on the latest patches. You also get a mini-map, which is infinitely helpful. Getting Started 1. Creating your Character 2.

Controls 3. Combat 6. Magic System 7. Hints and Tips B. In-depth Tables and Info 1. Character Attributes a. Indirect stats b.

Direct stats 2. Character Skills 3. Enemies 4. Weapons and Armor 5. Item Combinations 6. Runes and Spells C. Frequently Asked Questions D. Cheats II. Walkthrough A. Main Quests 1. Escape from the Goblin Prison 2. Creating your Character After starting a new game you will immediately be taken to the character creation screen. There are two sides to this display. On the left you will notice a portrait of your character and six icons representing your attributes.

By hovering the mouse over the different icons you can see the names of the various attributes. The number below each icon is your current points level. Hover the mouse over each icon to see a description. Starting on the top row, left to right, you have Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Constitution. When hovering the mouse over any of these icons, you will notice a number 16 to start for attributes, 18 for skills. This number is the current amount of points you have left to add.

Notice that each time you add points to an attribute, points in certain skills and attributes on the left will also be added automatically. When a point level is red it indicates the minimum points allowed for that skill or attribute.

Add or subtract points to your skills and attributes until you are content with your characters stats. Be sure to keep your character somewhat balanced, putting all your points into one attribute will only make the game more difficult. This will create a balanced character, and will still allow you to tweak his stats.

When you are happy with your hero, click "Done". There are two different types of "modes" that you will need to be familiar with, you switch between these modes by right-clicking.

The first mode has your center cursor fixed, meaning that you can look around by using the mouse. The second mode allows you to move your cursor, giving you access to icons on the screen, as well as your inventory while in this mode, your inventory is displayed. You will need to use both of these modes throughout the game, so get comfortable with them at the beginning.

Before I move on, I would like to make a strong suggestion regarding the default controls in this game. By default, the mouse moves your virtual "head", meaning that you look around and aim yourself with the mouse. The arrow keys by default are a little strange. Up and down move your character forward and backward, but left and right also cause your hero to look left or right, this is redundant. Set left strafe as the left arrow and right strafe as the right arrow.

Now you will move your virtual legs with the arrows and your head with the mouse. This setup, to me, is much more intuitive. Note that Battle Mode is a toggle button, meaning that you press it once to activate it and again to deactivate it. Magic and Stealth Mode you must hold down the button, as well as crawling.

At the bottom-left of your screen you will see a red orb that represents your health. When the orb is completely empty, you are dead and you must restart from a save. Directly to the right of the health orb is your inventory panel access this by right-clicking. You can store all the items you pick up here. There are several spots to place items, and you can expand your inventory later in the game. Simply drag and drop to place items, double-click to combine items, and press enter to use an item.

To the right of the inventory panel is another orb, blue in color. This orb represents your current mana or magic power. When you use spells this drains, if it is too low you must either use a potion or wait for it to regenerate before casting another spell.

Above the mana orb are four icons, not always visible. First is the inventory icon, you can click this instead of right-clicking to access your inventory. The journal contains information about your character, including his stats. It also contains a map, a spell book, and a personal journal that records your main quest objectives.

Next is your purse, which contains all of your gold, hover the mouse to check your current total. When you level up a red cross shape will appear above your purse; click this to add stats to your character.

Moving to the top-right of the screen, your runes will be displayed as you cast spells. Below this displays any spells that are currently active, these runes are displayed in white. At the top-center of the screen will be descriptions of items that you hover the mouse over, or important messages from the game. The top left and center of the screen is reserved for another type of inventory. This inventory will display when you are checking dead corpses or searching chests. To take items, simply drag them into your own inventory, which automatically displays when you search chests or bodies.

This display also appears when buying goods from dealers, hover the mouse to show the price of the item you are interested in. Finally, directly below your secondary inventory, there are four more sections of interest. First, a torch will be displayed if you use a torch.

Following that is the Stealth icon, which will appear when you are in "stealth mode", and will display brighter the more hidden you are.

After the stealth icon, you will eventually see your weapon, armor, or shield displayed. The color of the icon indicates how damaged your weapon or armor is. Green indicates that the weapon is intact, yellow indicates some damage, while orange or red indicates major damage, which needs to be repaired immediately.

Lastly is the area where your memorized spells are displayed. These icons are blue, and display left to right in the order you cast them. It is imperative that you learn to use and combine different items to help you along. To look at an item that you find, simply hover the mouse over it. This will give you a detailed description at the top of the screen.


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