Чаще всего применяется датчик бесконтактный индуктивного типа, который формирует электромагнитное поле, позволяющее определять металлические объекты, проходящие рядом с чувствительной поверхностью. Эта технология является наиболее эффективной, когда требуется обнаружение объектов на расстоянии дюймов от поверхности датчика. Компания Autonics предлагает линейку из 12 моделей датчиков приближения 6-ти различных типов. Autonics уже более 10 лет является лидером на корейском рынке благодаря постоянному совершенствованию своей продукции, которая по качеству и надежности считается одной из лучших среди известных аналогов.

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General Operating Systems Programming Languages. Proximity sensors are the most common and affordable solution for no-touch object detection. Vision Sensor Image captured by the integrated camera lenses for color,size,presence,shape etc.

Autonics Prdn Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch 12mm Round eBay Temperature is a physical property of matter that quantitatively expresses the common notions of hot and cold.

Comes packaged with Mounting Hardware Kit. Brushed DC Motors with Encoders. Create Account Sign In. Sensor Output Switch Type.

What is a phidget? Uatonics sensors are devices used in a variety of applications requiring precise and accurate pressure measurement of gases or liquids. HTML is not translated! Description Specifications Connection Related Products Resources Proximity sensors are the most common and affordable solution for no-touch object detection.

This sensor connects to any device with a Digital Input. The ratio of the partial pressure of the water vapor in the environment to the saturated vapor pressure of water at the same conditions. Enter the code in the box below. Please enable Javascript to continue to Phidgets. Sensor Response Time Max.

This is usually the easiest sensing technology to apply in applications where the metal object to be detected is within an inch or two of the sensor face. What is a Phidget? Photoelectric sensors are used to detect distance, absence or presence of objects using a light transmitter and receiver. Note that the standard detecting distance is based on a standard shape approaching the sensor in a standard way. Rotary encoders are used to electronically monitor the position of a rotating shaft by converting shaft rotation into electronic pulses.

The, and all accept external power. Connect the Black wire to a Digital Input on the Fiber optic sensors are perfect solutions for various detection applications by using remote sensors with fiber optic cables and amplifiers.

All Linear Motion 8mm 12mm 16mm 25mm. Connector transmission cables are highly reliable and compatible, and can be used with various PLCs, Servo, and controllers. Sorry, it looks like javascript is disabled in your browser. Sensors Proximity sensors are common, reliable, and durable solutions for applications requiring non-contact detection. The most commonly-used proximity sensor is the inductive type, which generates an electromagnetic field to sense metal objects passing close to its face.

This inductive sensor can detect metallic objects within 4mm and behaves like autoincs switch that connects to a digital input. DC 3-wire type VDC.


PR12-4DN' Autonics Proximity Sensor



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