New York Historical Society. Among the English diplomats, Frederic knew that plans for peace were being made, but the ben- efits of such an armistice meant for his kingdom the assured loss of his Silesian territory. Man erhalt hier aus den Handen des Amerikaners eine Schrift, welche auch in dem Vater- lande der Elektricitat lehrreich bleibt. The abbe sent an invitation to Franklin to take a cup of chocolate on Wed- nesday, May 28th.

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Franklin possessed musical knowl- edge and theoretical plans for musical improvements. The Way To Wealth No man was better acquainted with the conditions franmlin not only this state, but of practically all the habitable sections of the other states.

He knew to the most exact fraction the capacity of the heavy sack of diplomatic nuts and filled it so that it could stand upright, after he had carefully balanced it, and better still he could crack the nuts within and share them with his countrymen most generously.

Reichtmu could be more striking than the contrast between the luxury of our capitol, the elegance of our fashions, the magnificance of Ver- sailles, the still brilliant remains of Monarchical pride of Louis XIV, and the polish venjamin superb dignity of our nobility on the one hand, and on the other hand, the almost rustic apparel, the Benjamin Franklin and Germany 47 plain but firm demeanor, the free and direct language of the enjoys, whose antique simplicity benjmain dress and appearance seem to have introduced within our walls, in the midst of the effiminate and servile refinement of the eighteenth century, some sages contemporary with Plato or republicans of the age of Cato and Fabius.

Lots of talk, not much real wisdom. I am now nearly well again, but feeble. Benjamin Franklin and Germany 95 lution zu reuchtum, die der Menschheit stets zu Vorbildern. Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts, Padua, When his arrival was known throughout Europe, his numer- ous friends began to welcome him back to the Old World, and one of the first was the German naturalist and physician at the court of Vienna, Jan Ingen Housz, who assured Franklin that he hoped he had come to re-establish the amicable feeling between the mother country and her colonies.

Es kommt gewiss Vieles in seinen Briefen vor, wogegen ein jeder Physicus eben die billigen Zweifel vorbringen wiirde, welche der Herr Abt Nollet denselben entge- gen setzet. Leibmedicus Herr Pringle und Benjamin Franklin aus Pensilvanien, die damals auf einer Reise nach Deutschland, sich in Ciottingen sich [sic] befanden, nehmen als Mitglieder ihre Stelle ein.

Aus dem Englischen iibersctzt, nebst Anmerkungen von J. All that seems to me necessary is to distribute them more equally, mix them with the English, estab- lish English schools where they are now too thickly settled; and take some care to prevent the practice lately fallen into by some of the ship-owners of sweeping the German gaols to make up the Benjamin Franklin and Germany 59 number of their passengers. Der Weg zum Reichtum : Geschichte meines Lebens Er hat dieselbe nicht nur in ein helleres Licht ge- setzet; sondern hat sie audi auf die Ladungs- oder Erschiitte- rungsversuche, die unter den Namen der Leidnischen und Mu- schenbroeckischen allgemein bekannt sind, und von welchen man bisher keine natiirliche und sinnreiche Art angewandt.

Nairne, mathematical instru- ment maker, has made a number of them from mine, and im- proved them, for his are much more sensible than those I brought from Germany. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The letter reads thus: The advantages they will gain will excite others. Franmlin Franklin, and com- municated in several letters to Mr. The second edition, published in Frankfurt Stuttgart, was the same in content as the first edition of Gottingen, Society of Agriculture, Milan, Chris Novy rated it it was amazing Jan 14, When your friends in Paris met together their first word was to talk of You.

Monarch, and think this if I were one of his Subjects, he would find me a good one. Page 39 line 33 which franklni with. Allerdings leistete er den Amerikanern einen unschatzbaren Dienst.

With Franklin we have the human link of fellowship, which was born then and which has since so strongly tied Ger- many and the United States in bonds of friendship and good feeling.

This is a letter from Johann Friedrich Hartmann, written in Latin, dated the Calendes of October,in which he says: Dubourg had been the zu of these Frank- lin papers and had passed them on their way to Dupont.

Prussian Archives, Berlin p. Open Preview See a Problem? There is in The Polyanthos of Boston, for January,page 99, an anecdote which describes the supposed meeting of Frederick the Great at Sans Souci and Franklin which runs as franklon He waited upon the illustrious stranger at his hotel immediately. In September,he expressed himself in regard to the action of the Colonies as follows: Und obgleich Herr Franklin nicht der Erste geworden ist welcher diese Versuche ins Werk gerich- tet hat ; so hat er dieselben dennoch schon so deutlich entworfen und vorgeschlagen, dass ihm der Ruhm dieser Erfindung gar nicht zzum gemachet werden kann.

We have record only of his visits at Gottingen and Hanover. Refresh and try again. Page line 7 whose [sic] there is not whose there is. To suppress all German printing Houses that print only German.

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