Warning this book can be dangerous. Persons in ill health or suffering any mental illness should not have access to this book. Be warned this is a not fiction book it can lead into dark waters if the instructions are not followed. I cannot be help responsible for any damage or ill health through reading this book. You alone are responsible for your actions Basil E.

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Within every man and woman is a force which directs and controls the entire course of life. This collection of essays, written betweendeals with aspects of the practice of magical evocation. Anyone heard of the Occultist Basil E Crouch? Forbiddeh ritual can be performed in a room that is to become a permanent temple space. By way of introduction, the author confesses: Cfouch have even taken so much care, that we sometimes appear to be promoting these doctrines.

Even within the context of genuine black magic and Satanic practice a ,certain moral code is required, perhaps more so then a christian code, because of its close proximity to downfall and perfidy. And it is easy. Steps to Knowledge is the Book of Inner Knowing. The picture may not reflect the books condition or specific edition. The earliest edition of this concise handbook of ritual magic appears to be Venice, Lynn Thorndike Magic and Experimental Science, vol.

He also learned many strange Spells zka an Australian Aborigine Witchdoctor. Pythagoras of Samos c. The results keep coming. This book is an Ancient Egyptian cosmological treatise which describes the Tuat, the underworld that the boat of the Sun God, Ra, traverses during the night hours. There are… more The Secret Book Of Artephius by Anonymous Artephius Arthephius, Artefius is a name to which a number of alchemical and magical texts, first extant in Latin, are ascribed.

In revising the book I have brought it into line with the ideas expressed in the second part of my Making of Religion and have excised certain passages which, as knowledte book first appeared, were… more Babylonian And Assyrian Literature by Anonymous The great nation which dwelt in the seventh century before our era on the banks of Tigris and Euphrates flourished in literature as well as in the plastic arts, and had an alphabet of its own.

This is a version of an essay published c. It is also about greed, list and ambition. The subject matter of most of this book is so controversial that I have felt it necessary to give detailed references to all my sources of information. This restriction has been difficult to enforce for the reason that,… more Myth Ritual And Religion by Andrew Lang The original edition of Myth, Ritual and Religion, published inhas long been out of print.

Written down in the fourteenth year of this Aeon when the Sun was in the sign of Libra, by Frater Arctaeon. It claims to contain a synthesis of the science of knowledge, the art of memory, magic, an accelerated language learning system, and a method of sending… more. It is intended for those who have neither the time nor the training necessary to assimilate the standard works on the subject, but who want to… more.

It is the Secret of a Lifetime. When I had emptied to the dregs the cup of human suffering, I was led to consider the wretchedness of this world, and the fearful consequences of our first parents disobedience. He has now decided to reveal this most potent form of magic of all. Each month we recycle over 2. The text is in Latin and appears to have been influenced by Paracelsus. Because of the Curiosity of the Masses they [i. However, such spontaneously action can basl be controlled, which is dangerous, whereas the achievement of the necessary phase of mind, through ceremony, is the result of a disciplined mind that is under control at all times.

The Goetia is concerned with the Spirits of Evil the evocation of 72 forbiddden associated with the Shemhamphorash, those which Solomon bound to his service. Basil Lacroix — Book of Forbidden Knowledge It was usually written on a papyrus scroll which was sent with the prepared… more Zanoni by Edward Bulwer Lytton Zanoni is an novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton This piece of literature describes a fascinating story of love and occult aspiration.

Seeing there is a three-fold World, Elementary, Celestiall, and Intellectual, and every inferior is governed by its superior, and receiveth the influence of the vertues thereof, so that the very original, and… more Occult Philosophy And Magick Book I by Henry Cornelius Agrippa How Magicians Collect vertues from the three-fold World, is declared in these three Books.

True Mason that he is, he is ever trying to spread the Light which he has received, so that it may chase away… more Dark Night Early Dawn Steps To A Deep Ecology Of Mind by Christopher Bache The intelligence that brought our universe into existence is enormously sophisticated, and the workings of this intelligence are far beyond our human capacities of comprehension.

Ask anybody in the Occult in England about Basil Crounch and they will speak knowedge of him, even if they disagree with his teachings!

Discover the untold secrets of manifesting!



Uncover the powerful secrets of social control, from Mr X. Jason Bernabe rated it it was ok Dec 25, Doll Magic is a primitive art. Timothy Suave added it Jan 08, Power over another person. They always have, they always will.



Essentially this is a work of atavistic African magick and European demonic evocation. He also learned many strange Spells from an Australian Aborigine Witchdoctor. Necha Ross rated it it was amazing Apr 05, He has now decided to reveal this most potent form of magic of all. Through the doll the subconscious connects with Universal Mind. These powers bring what you want through the Mystical box. The making of the box is simple.


The Book of Power was originally transcribed by Idres Shah from an 18th century manuscript, and he speculates that it has come, whether in this current form or not, from the Middle Eastern magical tradition. The Occult World by… more. These simple rites have never before been made knowlerge John of the Cross form at once the most grandiose and the most melodious spiritual canticle to which any one man has ever given utterance. The text is in Latin and appears to have been knnowledge by Paracelsus. Rob puts this to the test through magic spell casting. In his earlier writings on alchemy Waite maintained that the spiritual interpretation of alchemy was first systematically presented by Mrs.



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