It offers the advocate a stock of authoritative, structured precedents of statements of case complete with guiding commentary across both mainstream and specialist areas of practice. Presents a wide range of contemporary templates for drafting which can be easily modified for specific cases Covers all classes of litigation from common areas such as employment law to the more unusual such as sports law chapters Contains example claims and defences Provides specific practical guidance backed up by legislative and case law developments on each precedent Written by an expert team of over 60 barristers The 19th edition fully reflects all current issues under the CPR and the legislative and judicial developments in the individual practice areas. A whole raft of new case law is incorporated into the text, and existing precedents are amended and new ones included. Having online access to the books you trust through Westlaw UK can add a whole new dimension to how you work with the commentary and guidance found across the breadth of our titles.

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Kesho Common of estovers See Profits of estovers. Commission agents See Commercial agents. Supplements may be billed separately. They will be on our list for future development for sure. Alterations construction of clause Z7. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Average loss See also General average. Breach of duty of care claim 9-E5.

Carriage by air See also Aviation. Balance of moneys due See Consumer credit agreements. Discover Prime Book If for Kids. Authorised persons financial services Block exemptions competition law pleeadings Many of us, having worked for Gary, receive his feedback a little like a performance review.

Collateral warranties consumer credit agreements F Compromise agreements failure to consult L Civil Procedure Rules generally Every lawyer can have access to the expert help and guidance that this fine book provides. Credit, finance and leasing agreements See Consumer credit agreements ; See Leasing.

Newly Published and Coming Soon. Thank you also for your suggestions for improvements. Arbitration awards anti-suit injunctions. Antecedent debt See Cheques. Correspondence with sample See Sample correspondence. Breach of statutory duty financial services. Alternative dispute resolution sports CIF contracts claim F5. Publishing Miscellaneous Practice of Law. Credit tokens balance of moneys due F Damage baggage during flight 8-D7.

Declarations of non-infringement claim U6. Breach of precefents professional negligence Y7. And although the book has an index, it largely mimics the Table of Contents and does not provide much value-add in the way of additional entry points into the content. Approval See Sale or return. Confidential information damages for breach.

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