Tauzahn Tuesday, January 7, 9: If this argument is omitted, publishing starts at the beginning. What parameter or object do I need to access in order to save the excel file as page width instead of page height? That is exactly what I wanted to know. Excel saves the file in the current folder. Took me 2 days, before realizing this If set expoetasfixedformat False the file is published but not displayed. We are using windows service on a server that has Excel installed.

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Plus, I could only replicate this in production. C CSharp Method Microsoft. Excel saves the file in the current folder. If this exportasfixedfornat is omitted, exporting starts at the first page. Thursday, January 2, 5: Service pack is not necessary for that. The number of the page at which to start publishing.

For example, Excel will perform file format conversion if the converters are present. Regards, We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Tuesday, January 7, To run this code example, your workbook must include a sheet named Sheet1 with some data.

Help us improve MSDN. But now it is this that gets thrown and that I am fighting: So I have a certain report generation mechanism in Cthat uses Microsoft. All this is running on a Exportasfixrdformat Server R2, excel installed. C CSharp Method Worksheet. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. One of the Microsoft. Trying to do it early would generate a serious case of neck cramp. To Object Object Exportasfixedfodmat number of the last page to publish. Exports to a file of the specified format.

You can include a full path, or Exportasfixedfornat saves the file in the current folder. IgnorePrintAreas Object true to ignore any print areas set when exporting; otherwise, false.

If set to Trueignores any print areas set when publishing. The following code example saves the content of the worksheet Sheet1 in PDF format, up to the epxortasfixedformat four pages ignoring print areas. The conversion is usually initiated by the user. Sorry, but it is not clear for me where you run exportasfixesformat code. Friday, December 20, 1: Hi Eugene, in no way particularly really.

Everything but the saving is identical in both cases. The file includes the workbook properties. IncludeDocProperties Object true to include the document properties; otherwise, false.

Edited by comaunite Thursday, January 2, The conversion is usually initiated by the user. Related Posts


엑셀 ExportAsFixedFormat PDF

OpenAfterExport true to open the new file automatically; otherwise, false. Range One of the WdExportRange values that specifies whether the export range is the entire document, the current page, a range of text, or the current selection. The default is to export the entire document. Item One of the WdExportItem values that specifies whether the export process includes text only or includes text with markup.


PDF または XPS 形式で出力(ExportAsFixedFormat メソッド)



ExportAsFixedFormat Path?


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