A must have. The Books are very detailed, very clear, with many clear illustrations to help you work through the slights step by step. Did this review help you? The book is a staple in card magic that will not only give you a fantastic start into card magic, but will give you an excellent source of sleights and effects for years and years to come.

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Another Must-Have Ask yourself this question, and answer honestly: how many magic DVDs do you actually re-watch, and reference often? Not very many? The same with us. You know that on this site, we suggest all five Card College volumes ahead of almost everything else. They are simply the best possible teaching introduction to card magic.

These videos are not are placement for the books. Instead, they are a wonderful companion resource, so you can see what the moves, routines, and tips are supposed to look like at performance speed. They detail the first two Card College volumes. Let us tell you about these remarkable DVDs. Roberto not only demonstrates and explains the primary techniques of card magic, quickly giving you the ability and skills you need for performance,but also shares the wealth of his experience, based on years of successful performing.

Roberto discusses each sleight in detail, while you watch clear close ups of his hands, finger positions, and grips. Each sleight is broken down into its essential elements. Roberto carefully demonstrates the move, each one fully illustrated through close up shots of his hands. Roberto then includes a practical demonstration of the sleights as they appear in some of his favorite tricks.

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Roberto Giobbi

But in the Write a review Russell I have card college 1 thru 4 buying 5 next they are without a doubt the best books on handling cards that I have. I have a large library. The tricks mixed thru the handling are very good.

DD 1351-1 PDF

Card College Volume 1

He has since been working as an author and lecturer, and has developed an international reputation as a teacher. Giobbi has written 18 books, and his works have appeared in eight languages. His best-selling five-volume Card College series is considered to be a standard modern textbook for card magic, and is the most widely translated series of books in the history of magic. He gives educational lectures in all the five languages which he speaks fluently. Since Giobbi has been a member of the Escuela Magica de Madrid, an exclusive magic Think Tank that has only 40 members worldwide. He was awarded the first ever Grand Prix from the Swiss Magic Convention in as the winner of all categories.


Magic Tricks

Card College has changed the way a generation of magicians have learned card magic, and changed the way they think about it. Here you have a chance to learn directly from Roberto. He explains the essential moves, the subtle touches, and gives amazing examples that will allow you to add these techniques to your repertoire. There are fundamental lessons for the beginner, and expert approaches for experienced magicians. And much more. In the Card College tradition, Roberto teaches magic immediately, with astonishing routines-allowing you to see the sleights in action and put them to use in these effects.

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