Here the verses perceive the hidden structure of the physical human head and the intersection of the panchenthriyas as eyes,ears,mouth,nose with connection of the pancha boothas in the universe. The cross section of the holes has indicated as a lock. The holes are described here as a pit and its starting point where it locates and to end. The conceal part of the upper end of the mouth and down cross of the reverse section on the tongue as referred as a door of the human temple. File Name: vasi yogam book in tamil. Why only men depend on doctor for his health?

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The plot sounds like so many others: traditional south Indian couple strives to build a happier world for their children; sends son off to America, only to have him commit the biggest blasphemy a Tam-Brahm could—falling in love with a white woman. Chennaivaasi book cover Buy What you should do, though, is pack a suitcase for that sense of wariness and send it away on a long, long trip.

Chennaivaasi is beautifully written, relentlessly paced for a family drama , and keeps you turning pages in a frenzy for way longer than you might initially expect.

Right from the crisply written prologue, Tirumurti sets the stage for a tale of duty, love, and family that spans across continents and generations. His wife, his beloved house—Sundari—and his three sons are all but lost to him. Tirumurti takes you on a journey across Sri Lanka, India, Israel, and America, bringing in issues of caste, race, minorities, and language, both globally and in Tamil Nadu.

The fact that it is a story of a Tamil Brahmin family in a state that they now have almost no cultural power in is not lost on the reader. And it succeeds. Her discoveries of Chennai are ours; her transformation into a Chennaivaasi, always in progress.

Read it as much for the poignant memoirs as for the delicious descriptions of filter coffee, breakfast, lunches, and dinners. It might not be a novel that will be remembered for ages after its publication.

Chennaivaasi not only quenches your thirst; once down your throat, it tingles. For the right amount of vada pav, she will write you a poem.


Vasi yogam book in tamil

It was her husband returning from the Kapaleeshwarar temple. She could hear the door being opened. And shut. Footsteps climbing the steps. A pause in the verandah-that was Appa removing his chappals. The sound of the chappals sliding to one corner of the verandah. Amma was prepared.



Rivers Remember, her book on the Chennai floods of was published by Context, an imprint of Westland, in July Well written and carefully researched, it brings home the full horror of the catastrophe. This is what the future holds for many cities around the world. Anita Nair In December , a city drowned when forgotten rivers and built-over lakes came back to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. Taut and incisive, this is a cautionary tale that serves to remind us we can only abuse nature so much, while telling the larger story of how urban planning works across India.

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