To discover culture, the ethnographer must learn from the informant as a student. Sterk Fieldwork among urban prostitutes means doing ethnography under difficult but, in the end, manageable circumstances. Kung and other foragers traditionally worked less and ate better than many other people with more "advanced" food producing techniques. Today, however, their survival depends more on drilling wells and keeping cattle than on collecting wild foods. Reed South American governments could learn much about tropical forest development from the Amazonian Indians who live there. FOUR 13 Reciprocity and the Power of Giving Lee Cronk Gifts not only function to tie people together, they may also be used to "flatten" an opponent and control the behavior of others.

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You will quickly want to turn the page to learn more about whats being uncovered and reviewed. The accounts are eloquently structured and the content in intellectually intriguing past the black and white words.

I definitely recommend reading this because it diversifies your perceptions of the universe by peoples lifestyle reflections of it, and it adds more colors and meaning to your understanding of human nature and evolution, and lastly, it explores and merges the most fascinating theme of psychological complexity and its manifested communication people between individuals.

Full of [mostly] interesting articles, it was fairly easy to get through; I did actually read it! And despite being a textbook, we were assigned all, but like three, of the articles it contains.

So I did end up reading the whole god damn thing [or close to it]! Hooray for last week of my summer class and a short summer before fall term begins! I really enjoyed it and found it very helpful for critical thinking and examining of various social groups and situations. I think if you really enjoy learning about what motivates certain cultural traditions and social expectations, this is a great read! Feb 02, Laurie rated it it was amazing A book comprised of engaging ethnographic articles on topics that shape human cultures around the world.

Sep 02, Dawna rated it really liked it Fascinating stories, I love this sort of reading.


Conformity and Conflict : Readings in Cultural Anthropology

Author Letter I. Author Bio James P. Spradley was a professor of Anthropology at Macalester College from until his passing in He was a prolific author who wrote or edited 20 books in 12 years. He made especially notable contributions to the literature on ethnography and qualitative research. David McCurdy has been a professor of Anthropology at Macalester since , acting as chair of the department for extended periods since Professor McCurdy received a B.


Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology

For courses in Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Examine Culture and its Influence on Human Life Conformity and Conflict: Readings in Cultural Anthropology seeks to teach readers the importance of culture and its influence on human life. By including examples of Western, North American cultures, the text makes cultural understanding and comparison more relatable to audiences. The inclusion of current information and articles allows readers to connect with major anthropological concepts through relevant events. The Fifteenth Edition reflects the changing nature of the discipline of anthropology by shifting its focusing to the more concerning issues of today. Useful features like a glossary of key terms help readers understand basic concepts discussed in the readings.

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