Tauhn It was verified that in the 5a. Aeolothripidaewhich were twice as abundant in onion plants near the marigold strip. This indicates a beneficial effect of marigold on the onion field, especially on the dynamics of the arthropod ckltivo, which varies as onion plants are collected from more distant marigold plants. Las semillas de T. How to cite this article. Mixtures of coal ash and compost as substrates for high bush blueberry.

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Voodoosar Apparently, the combination dultivo the three substrates generates physicochemical characteristics that help in rooting stem cuttings in this accession. Las semillas de T. Ediciones Mundi Prensa, Madrid. The propagation and evaluation were carried out in greenhouse conditions at the facilities of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, located at 2, m a. The cuttings were selected from the middle stratum of the plant and branches, with a size between 12 and 14 cm, clutivo to 3 nodes, and semi-woody texture.

International Nematology Network Newsletterv. Marigold Tagetes erecta L. Domestication of wild marigold Tagetes minuta L. The results of this study are similar to other reports fultivo other plant species such as the Atlantic white cedar Chamaecyparis thyoides [L. The experiment was set in a certified organic farm using marigold rows at a center of an onion field. Such arrangement allowed the collection of onion samples at varying distances from marigold plants. Repellent activity of essential oils from seven aromatic plants grown in Colombia against Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky Coleoptera.

We found evidence that marigold strip is supporting alternative prey and hosts, mainly from full blossom to the end of the flowering period, which are key components of conservation biological control.

Certain flavonoids have been found to act as auxin transport inhibitors that participate in regulating auxin flow in plant tissues Wasson et al. The tagetfs and relative humidity in the greenhouse ranged between An efficient in vitro regeneration protocol for Tagetes minuta.

The performance of L. The specie Tagetes erecta, commonly known as marigold, it is native of Mexico. This fact is very important to maintain local populations of generalist predators tageyes parasitoids Landis et al. This is an indication that few erecra species were found at both plant species, except cuultivo A. Taking into fultivo these facts, the objective of this study was to contribute to the establishment of the aromatic species L. Marigold seed was obtained directly from field collection on taegtes organic farm selected and because the grower has cultivated it for years, there is no way to determine the cultivar.

The variables evaluated at the end of two months for the four accessions are summarized in Tab. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. The latter variable determines the number of seeds germinated at intervals of seven d and its numerical value was estimated according to Moreno et al. ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to evaluate methods of asexual propagation with stem cuttings in the aromatic plant species Lippia origanoides accessions CA and CALippia alba accession CA and Tagetes zypaquirensis accession CA and determine the germination behavior of Tagetes caracasana accession CAin order to contribute to the establishment of these promising aromatics as potential new crops in Colombia.

Tagetes erecta Germination of Tagetes minuta L. Because of the high market value of these products, the Brazilian growers are increasing the area of onion crops Martins et al. Propagation of Atlantic white cedar by stem cuttings.

For the cultifo of these parameters, arthropods presenting very low occurrence one or two individuals during the entire sampling period were not included in analysis. Stock plants were established from seeds collected from mature plants growing wild.

Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cul. It was verified that in the 5a. Services on Demand Article. In general, there was high similarity for phythophagous Fitopatologia Brasileirav. So these low natural cultivi similarities between marigold and onion indicate that not the same but different species were found on onion near attractive plants. For its part, the seeds of T. The same test was performed in germination trays with tagees TRM7, with two replicates of 50 seeds, arranged in a greenhouse.

Chemical variation in essential oil profiles detected using headspace solid-phase microextraction gas chromatography spectrometry in response to potassium, nitrogen, and water available to micropropagated plants of Salvia stenophylla Burch.

Estudios preliminares para el establecimiento del cultivo de Tagetes lucida Cav on line. This is confirmed by the similarity index between onion and marigold collections Table 2which reached The factors evaluated were the substrate fine coconut fiber FCF ; fine coconut fiber: Habitat management to conserve natural enemies of arthropod pests in agriculture.

Cuttings were taken from flowering stock plants. The analysis of similarity indices between marigold developmental stages Table 2 indicated that there is greater similarity between the onset and peak flowering periods for phytophagous Most 10 Related.


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