Tugar Czasowniki frazalne They are away for two days. Mark off — Tick, cross out or otherwise mark something to show that it has been dealt with Mark out — Draw lines to enclose an area Mark out for — Show promise for the future Mark out from — Stand out because of certain qualities Mark up — Increase the price of something Marry in — Marry someone of the same ethnicity, religion, etc Marry out — Marry someone of a different ethnicity, religion, etc Mash up — Crush something until it becomes a paste — Mix sources of audio, video or other computer sources. He backed down as soon czasowjiki he relized he was wrong. You have to cut down on consumption of carbohydrates and fat if you want to loose your weight. Vase was filled up with water which ran over when I put there czsaowniki. I used to tuck in with candies but now I prefer salty things.

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Zulkikazahn nierozdzielne czasowniki frazowe z dopelnieniem Flashcards Preview The whole office was buzzing with rumours about their affair. What time should I pick you up? We backed up our system just in case. Is Mike out or still in his office? He was banged up for stealing my precious socks: Kto jest z Polski? Tom asked Mary out. She is up to this task. The refugee ached for his homeland.

Tag — czasowniki frazowe Susan bailed out on me when I needed her. I would like to ask our neighbours over tonight. They should be along soon.

We booked into the hotel in the morning. She was taken with my charming smile. He was just putting us on. Czasowniki frazowe flashcards on Tinycards Get by — Have just enough money to live on Get down — Make someone depressed Get down to — Start work Get in — Arrange for someone to do a job — Arrive train, plane, etc.

She asked me in for coffee. I bent over to tie my shoe. Nauka angielskiego Czasowniki frazowe P. They bailed us out of the trouble. The sun is beating down terribly grazowe.

The radio blared out an awful punk music. The time is up! He was beat up by a bunch of hooligans. He is angling for your heart.

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Czasowniki frazowe (Phrasal Verbs)



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