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GND Pin 8 Pin 8 is a ground pin. It will use as the common ground with Power supply and other devices. A0 Pin 10 Pin 10 is an input pin. It will use to receive the LSB of the 4-bit input data A. B1 Pin 11 Pin 11 will be used as the input pin. It will receive the second LSB of 4-bit input data B. A1 Pin 12 Pin 12 will be used as the input pin for data A. It will receive the second LSB of 4-bit input data A. A2 Pin 13 will be used to receive the second bit of 4-bit input data A.

B2 Pin 14 will be used to receive the second bit of 4-bit input data B. It can be expanded further to compare data more than 4-bits. It comes with internal protection from clamp voltages.

The output current for the HIGH state is IC can operate up to 0 to 70 degrees. IC has internal protection from clamp voltages whole range is about The make the IC workable we will need to connect the IC first with the power supply and further with a TTL device or microcontroller to use it. In the case, at any point, data A is bigger than the data B or vice versa then the output will be decided. In IC the input data will be of two parts with 4-bit each and output data will be of 3 bits.

In input, the data can be any binary numbers but in output data, only one bit will HIGH other will be LOW and all three bits will be describing the output on the base of input. Figure 1: IC working as the 4-bit comparator The IC can use to compare the data more than 4 bits by using the input expander pins. In IC those pins are Pin 2,3 and 5.

Truth Table 8-bit Comparators Example with 74LS85 In the example we will use 74ls85 instead of comparing 4-bit, we will compare the 8-bit and the same method could follow to compare the data more than 8-bit. After that, we can attach view the output on the second IC. First, give the input A and B equal.

In that condition, the output should be Pin 6 should be HIGH only. Figure 3: Equal data After that give the input data A and B greater than each other one by one. The output will be when data A less than B and it will be for data A is greater than B. IC simple used to compare the binary data which allows the other devices to perform other functions.

The IC comes internally in some embedded systems to perform logical operations. Post navigation.


IC Datasheet: 74LS85



74LS85 4-bit magnitude comparator Pinout and Examples






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