NLP, which is short for neuro-linguistic programming, is a set of more or less pseudoscientific techniques which can be applied to communication, self-help, marketing and just about anything you can think of. In fact, Derren himself often quite clearly suggests that he is using something like NLP in his show. And we actually got a few angry emails about it — people claiming with great confidence that Derren actually does use NLP, and they know exactly how he does it. All else is most likely misdirection and should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt. On the contrary, I have written very critically about it in Tricks of the Mind. I reserve the same scepticism for subliminal messaging, as well as a lot of body-language reading and the like.

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Do some digging round there James, its an eye opener. NLP is widely used by many, and quite a few for not so good reasons! ClearintoTrance Hypnosis is a verifiable fact of life. Why would people waste their time and money? Look up some self-hypnosis techniques and try it out for yourself first. It is actually a pretty simple thing to activate in anybody, and its very similar to lucid dreaming.

BUT If you do not wish to go to sleep you can do a pretty decent job of preventing it, same with NLP and hypnosis if you have a base line of understanding it, a conscious incompetence or better, if you will. It is more complicated than just going up to someone and saying some words and doing some tapping on the shoulder. If you choose to be so naive we do have access to the internet please keep your thoughts to yourself.

Else if your a person that would consider yourself of somewhat intelligence revamp your argument with some valid information and lets have some. You have to have a minimum understanding of NLP and how it works.

Sincerely what you have experienced is noob NLP. I will say this, if you become aware of a Doctor in a field of medicine who has been taught to diagnose illnesses based on symptoms read in a chart — for which he prescribes from a list of concoctions you know are not proven to treat the illness but perhaps only mask the symptoms… Do you throw out your belief in Doctors and medicine all together?

Food for thought. Of course he wants you to believe the method for the trick was something other than what it appears. All the NLP business is a misdirection. Be proud of what the UK has produced. Notung I agree with you in part, as I explained in the post: I do see the other side. While everyone is concentrating on his hypnotic techniques, the trick is already done, via some very simple and traditional method. The trouble is that is has a negative effect too. Surely employees at the track have had a ton of training.

Dave Smith Read the full blog post about how Derren sees it. Point 3 is key. The law suits would never end. People are easy to manipulate. I see his point.

But I still think it misleads people into thinking that this kind of stuff actually works. Nerdsamwich You need to have your sarcasm detector serviced. George Shute I know this is an old article, but I just wanted to add my piece. The combination of all of these things, plus the fervor of excitement, leads to easier manipulation. One person described it as being drunk. Another said it was like the nervousness of giving your first speech.

Most often these experiences evolve to selective retelling. The mythos spreads. The idea I had was that there was a lot of off-camera work or some selective editing, but your explanation fits the best. Can you take anyone and brain-wash them? To a degree, yes. But how far are you willing to go?

Ask any long-term spousal abuser. Ask anyone who has been enslaved. Confirmation bias. Rejection of cognitive dissonance. Playing to common desires. Red herrings and other misdirection. All of these are tools. None are completely effective on their own, but you bundle them up to make a logical fallacy toolbox and you got some strong material to work with. I said that, to me, it makes as much sense as ghosts, or Santa, or Bigfoot.

Maybe there was a magical, elven Santa Clause that rode a magical sleigh around the world, and maybe he died because we stopped believing in him?

And, really, if you need proof that common tomfoolery can achieve amazing results, then look at the number of successful confidence tricks listed on Wikipedia, most of which actually do work to surprisingly effective degrees. It happened to me again about 5 years ago. If you fail, you just feign being addle-brained, excuse yourself and walk away.

A lot of people believe in psychics. A lot of people get scammed. Why would anyone expect them to give away all of their secrets all of the time? It was just him on a poor quality video telling me to think of a card. I had a card in mind but changed it at the last second to the 3 Diamonds which DB wanted me to say. That was because I was influenced by his continual suggestions throughout the film. At the end he showed how he did it. He used gestures, pointing to the two areas of the card were the 3 and the diamond symbol appear.

He made a diamond shapes with his hand. He also talked about brightness so as to push me towards the red suits rather than the black. Abel Dean Notung, I think you are overlooking an especially obvious explanation. Derren Brown has a record of featuring actors on his shows. And Simon Pegg is, of course, an actor. Dkennedy Good point i say to a 2 yr old thread.. I reckon so. Nlp is quite frankly simpe stuff made complicated so we think we are buying into something special.

Well before you waste your money think twice. As for its use in sales situations , management dont waste your companies money. Train staff in good selling skills with the right attitudes good customer service skills and you wont go wrong buf please please dont waste any time and money on nlp. What most people fail to realize is that not everybody is susceptible to NLP, subliminal messaging, or any of these other techniques that he uses aspects of.

All of them have a core aspect of truth with a bunch of BS built up around them. Is he using NLP? Well, yes and no. They are combined with a bunch of other manipulative techniques to create an overall effect. This, if done skillfully, works on a little more than half of the people you will run into on a daily basis. Grifters do such ALL the time. Do I think DB is a master psychologist who should give up his career and open a practice? Do I think his methodology is pure science and beyond reproach?

Absolutely not, but Mythbusters is far worse on that front. As far as your bosses and their quest to teach you to jedi-mind-trick people go, they are idiots for a number of reasons. First off, this takes a HUGE amount of time and effort to master.

Fourth, the number of people who will ever become AT ALL good at the finer aspects of the art of manipulating people is much smaller even still, than the number of people it will have an effect on. I will never be as good as someone who has been doing it for so long, though.

I could go on, but this is getting old, already. A performer in a show can often achieve effects due to the environment and ambiance that no psychologist ever could in an office, How much does THAT add to the dynamic? If fact DB constantly manipulates ppl with hypnosis in all of his shows and sometimes tries to prove a point against something he dislikes, although he manipulates the subject with hypnosis. Nlp also uses some hypnosis and other ssuccessful techniques but mainly in a ethical way for ethical uses.

Sadly lots of firms use selling techniques unethically. One of the worst is Tesco. Over the years they have made the trollies bigger and the shelves higher as it makes customers buy more. So do aromas, sneaky pricing, packaging and items aimed at children. At first, I liked the UK Column but a quickly found that he talks some serious nonesense and makes a lot of accusations without any proper evidence. Conspiracy theorists in general do not seem to have a very good grasp of what constitutes evidence Chris Yeah, scientists are all lying.

Everything you read is a lie put out by the illuminati. If you believe anything that a maintstream person says you must be one of the sheeple. ThisSteveGuy My pet theory about the Simon Pegg bit is that Brown knew that he was the type of guy who would play along with whatever he was hinting at.

He took advantage of that as much as he could. Simon was clever enough to figure out that Brown wanted BMX bike as the answer, and he obliged.


NLP & The Trouble with Derren Brown

NLP, Hypnosis, Cold reading etc. Published by magicianmagazineonline on March 30, Derren Brown is one of the best magicians, Mentalist, and Illusionist in the world. He is known notoriously for performing out of this world illusions and mentalism tricks. The most famous of his healings was when he healed a partially blind woman and helped her to completely recover her sight. He is accredited with many illusions and tricks.



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