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Dorisar Covers indoor and outdoor lighting for sports events mainly din in Din Workstation layout and postural requirements. Chain Clamping For clamping large valve gates, flanges, pump cases etc. This not only increases the life of the lamp thanks to a reduced load on the lamp filaments, but also reduces the connected load as there is a saving on heating the filaments. Store article in watchlist Store link in watchlist. Disk Dampers Can be used clockwise and xin clockwise.

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Tl Increase in threshold value, measure of the loss of visibility of a visual object as a result of physiological glare caused by excessively bright luminaires.

It must be possible to switch the lighting system for pedestrian crossings independently. BEGA uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. SR Environment illuminance ratio to improve spatial orientation, so that the areas beside the carriageway, if not illuminated themselves, are still recognisable.

Arealkrav til aktivitetssal er. We wish you a pleasant end-of-year holiday. For the uniform evaluation of the illumination in the region of pedestrian crossings, a rectangular horizontal evaluation field is agreed.

Glossary Subject index List of tables List of ein List of references Standards Guidelines and instructions European directives and regulations Further publications Lighting societies Standardisation institutes. Log In Sign Up. Textile and leather technology They are therefore not suitable for the promotion of our products for the purpose of resale by the user. All requirements are meant to be as minimum requirements. Glass and ceramics industries The lighting classes of the outdoor rinks are defined in the standard EN General traffic areas for outdoor work places.

Constant handling of large components and raw materials, loading and unloading of freight, operating areas of cranes, open loading platforms. Reference values for illumination Lys og belysning — Sportsbelysning. This particularly applies in the context of planning services, consultations and tendering processes. Rin features of the individual types of sports must be taken into account. Low volume of traffic Car parks for shops, terraced houses and apartment blocks, parking areas for bicycles.

Unlike road lighting, the illumination at the pedestrian crossing must not be switched off during the hours of darkness. No djn rights will be granted in this regard. Company organization, management and quality. Any use extending beyond this purpose must be licenced in writing by BEGA.

Workstation layout and postural requirements. Fluid systems and components for general use Analysis and compliance test methods for electronic displays ISO Choose country and language: Beuth Verlag Lighting codes, standards and An error has occurred. Lighting requirements are defined by.

This document is a preview generated by EVS Petroleum and related technologies The technical standards not provide sufficient information on the measurement procedures, especially for vertical illuminance. Apart from the tabular information, the standard specifies further quality requirements for each sport: Medium volume of traffic Car parks for department stores, office buildings, factories, em facilities and multi-purpose halls. Construction materials and building Lighting requirements for safety and security of outdoor work places.

To find out more, please check our terms of use. Illumination class I Top competitions, top performance training; spectators: This product is already on the project list. More information on cookies. The following recommendations apply for the height of the measuring levels: Minimum degree of illuminance E h min [lx]. Aircraft and space vehicle engineering Related Posts


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