Counted on daily to perform any number of vital societal tasks, turbomachinery uses high rotational speeds to produce amazing amounts of power efficiently. The key to increasing its longevity, efficiency, and reliability lies in the examination of rotor vibration and bearing dynamics, a field called rotordynamics. A valuable textbook for beginners as well as a handy reference for experts, Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics is teeming with rich technical detail and real-world examples geared toward the study of machine vibration. A logical progression of information covers essential fundamentals, in-depth case studies, and the latest analytical tools used for predicting and preventing damage in rotating machinery.

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He thought that there was limited use for the eddy-current technology in aircraft controls, but believed the technology showed commercial promise in other areas. He received permission to use it in his own endeavors. Often thought of as a type of electronic dial indicator , such sensors are typically used to measure very small distances between the tip of the sensor and a conductive surface, such as rotating shaft.

The displacements measured are extremely small, typically on the order of several thousandths of an inch. His ideas were the beginning of an entire industry. However, beginning in the early s, users began to experiment with eddy-current sensors for measuring vibration on turbines, compressors, pumps, electric motors, and other turbomachinery. This application proved to be extremely successful, allowing machinery operators a practical method of observing actual shaft vibratory motion for the first time.

Soon thereafter, Bently augmented his sensors with monitoring instrumentation that accepted his sensors as inputs and provided simple visual indication of the amount of vibration. Users could set alarm levels for annunication and machine shutdown purposes when vibration levels became excessive. Develops monitoring devices[ edit ] Bently found that many of the Bently transducer systems used with third-party monitoring systems were not properly configured.

After repeated challenges working with third-party monitoring systems, Bently decided to manufacture his own monitoring devices. In , Bently Nevada opened its first international office in the Netherlands. They had built brick barns on Ferris Heights that allowed them to breed sheep earlier in the year. Bently renamed the location Bently Science Park.

Bricks from some of the sheep barns were incorporated into the facade of the new building. He established Bently Ranch to raise beef cattle and alfalfa. The technology injected highly pressurized air between the bearing and the rotating machinery, preventing the axle from touching the bearing, virtually eliminating friction.

Its mission was considered complementary to Bently Nevada, with BRDRC focused on understanding how machinery behaved, and Bently Nevada focused on understanding and building instrumentation to measure machinery behavior. Bently was personally responsible for many of these developments, publishing his work under the auspices of BRDRC. BRDRC also introduced several new data presentation formats, such as so-called "full" spectrum plots and "acceptance region" trend plots.

Its research findings were published extensively in relevant technical journals, and the research that had practical commercial applications often found its way into the Bently Nevada product line.

This also enabled him to keep his company in the front of his field technologically. He successfully competed against subsidized Japanese companies and from U. He paid several million dollars to gut and completely renovate the townhouses and later donated them to the Institute.

He also endowed the Donald E. Bently Chair of Political Economy. Bently Center for Engineering Innovation to honor his substantial contributions.

In , he helped create a conservation easement with the Nature Conservancy that preserved the Kirman Field in northern Douglas County. Smarro Award and R. Tom Sawyer Award, and the N. In , he was made a foreign member of the St.

Petersburg Academy of Engineering in Russia.


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Comments and reviews What are comments? A practical course in the fundamentals of machinery diagnostics for anyone who works with rotating machinery, from operator to manager, from design engineer to machinery diagnostician. This book is a must have and easy to read book for field person who is having interest to the rotating machineries diagnostic. Fundamentals of rotating machinery diagnostics Bently, with Charles T. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive?


Donald E. Bently


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