Как программировать DSC рекомендует заполнить таблицы программирования необходимой информацией перед программированием системы. Это поможет уменьшить время, необходимое для программирования и поможет избежать ошибок. Для входа в режим программирования установщика введите [ ][8] и код установщика. При вводе неправильного кода будет выдан звуковой сигнал ошибки. Нажмите [ ] и введите код снова. Заводская установка кода: Индикаторы Armed и Ready показывают статус режима программирования Индикатор Armed включен Ожидание ввода 3 цифр номера ячейки программирования соответствующим номером.

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The control panel will be mounted out of the way in a utility room or basement. The metal cabinet contains the system electronics, fuses and stand-by battery. Page 3 Master Code The 4 digit Master Code is used for arming and disarming the system, for programming additional access codes, and for changing other features. The Master Code will be supplied to you by your installer.

All keypad entries are made by pressing one key at a time and may be changed by you at any time if the installer selects an option.

Page 4 Disarming Enter the premises only through the door indicated by your installer as the entry door. The keypad sounder will be ON. Go to the keypad and enter the [4 digit access code]. If an error is made entering the code, press the [ ] key and enter the code again. Zone etc. Refer to zone chart on keypad must be closed or bypassed before door for zone information.

Press [ ], [5] and [Master Code]. Page 8 Keypad Zones There are three zones which can be activated from the keypad. They are activated by pressing two keys at the same time and holding them for 2 seconds. These zones may or may not be active on your keypads depending on how your installer has programmed them.

Page 9 Testing It is recommended that the system be tested on a weekly basis. NOTE: Perform tests in the off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening. Page 10 Fire Safety in the Home Most fires occur in the home and to minimize this danger it is recommended that a household fire safety audit be conducted and a family escape plan be developed. Household Fire Safety Audit 1 Are all electrical appliances and outlets in a safe condition?

Check for frayed cords, over-loaded lighting circuits, etc. If you are unsure about system operation, contact your installing dealer. October 7 This certification means that the equipment meets certain telecommunications network protective, operational and safety requirements. Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company.

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