Together with its brothers M and the new-ish M, it is one of the fastest-selling AM machine for metal components on the market. The maximum processing output power available is W. The theoretical beam spot diameter at focus can be manually set via a dial from um up to um. Typically for a powder bed AM unit, it is purchased with a wet separator. This is a vacuum-cleaner-type unit used to limit powder cloud generation during powder handling and chamber cleaning. Its water- or oil-filled tank is used to neutralise the processed powder and reactive condensates.

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Layer Resolution Low micron 0. Layer Resolution High micron 0. It directly produces top-quality metal parts on the basis of three-dimensional CAD data — fully automatically, in only a few hours, and with no need for tools. The system is optionally equipped with a solid state laser of either or watt. This laser provides an exceptionally high quality radiation and stable performance. Together with an optimized Gas Management System this guarantees optimal and consistent processing conditions for highest and constant part building qualities.

The system operates in both protective nitrogen and argon atmospheres. This allows the system to process a wide range of materials: from light metals to stainless and tooling steel to super alloys.

The process software has been further developed over a period of many years and contains an array of intelligent exposure strategies and features; these enable the optimization and adaption of the build process for a variety of material types and applications.

They produce parts with standardized property profiles PPPs. In addition, EOS ensures maximum reliability by subjecting all the relevant products to an intensive process development procedure and constant quality assurance. The Integrated Process Chain Management IPCM modules enable greater productivity, higher quality and increased user-friendliness, and can also be added to at any time.

The distinctive features of the EOSINT M system are the quality of the parts it produces and the ergonomically designed peripherals. These features are what make the system the ideal production tool for the economical batch-size optimized manufacture of parts at all stages of the product life cycle. The system is therefore perfectly suited for an industrial environment.

The software processes production data for freely definable timeframes and displays it clearly. They ensure that production flows are easy to track and to manage. All Comments 0.

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