The higher the speed, the more energy is imparted to the particle which results in more force during a collision. The optimum speed depends on the characteristics of the product being used and the particle size. In general, smaller particles require higher speed while bigger particles with higher mass which results in more force during a collision require lower speeds. In practice the optimum speed is determined by experimentation.

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Various extrusion designs possible like radial extrusion, cone extrusion, dome extrusion, axial extrusion, mixer extruder, pressure extruder or basket extruder configurations. Various mesh sizes possible depending on the design of extrusion starting from microns upto microns. Vast experience of more than products being processed on our systems. Complete flexibility in choosing the right equipment for your product and process due to a vast range of extrusion equipments available with us.

Twin spheroinizer with bucket assembly is fitted below the extrusion module. Chequered plate clean design with no seals in direct contact with the product. Explosion proof design. Integration with a high shear mixer is also possible for uniform mixing of blends for further Extrusion and spheroinization operations. Integration with fluid bed possible: perfect closed link for dust-free operation Video monitoring of the process. Validation documentation and assistance based on GAMP.

With an extensive selection of available replacement parts, Umang Pharmatech is always ready to meet your needs in a timely fashion, reducing unscheduled downtime and minimizing impact on production. When you purchase from Umang Pharmatech, you get more than just a product.

You get access to our knowledgeable and experienced Technical Support Coordinators. This team is responsible for assisting you with aftermarket activities, including replacement of Umang Pharmatech genuine parts, maintenance and repair Umang Pharmatech ensures our customers continuous quality in meeting their needs through succeeding generations. When you purchase from us, you gain access to our unique five-tier approach that allows you to choose the best combination of services for your needs.

We make our knowledge, expertise and testing facilities available for all potential applications. Unmatched Technical Support A successful installation is just the beginning of our technical service. Our support staff is ready to respond to your needs quickly. Our decades of experience allow us to answer your questions quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to work with minimal downtime.

Technical Training Umang pharmatech offers a range of focused, professional training programs for engineers, technologists, operators and maintenance personnel, either at our facility or yours. Training is comprehensive — covering everything from basic equipment operation and best practice to more advanced programs on equipment theory, optimization and troubleshooting. Our technical experts can visit you on site and provide a professional report detailing how our equipment can help your company achieve optimum results.


A Description of the Spheronization Process




LEY 29476 PDF


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