Shelves: fiction , islands , ebook I did not read any of Curries earlier works, so I did not know until now that his previous novels were so well received. But I could tell upon beginning this book that this was someone who bumped up hard against sudden celebritythose moments when everyone seems to think they know you intimately. Not so fast, Currie seems to say. The book tells of a character named Ron Currie who is perpetually in recovery over the love of a woman, Emma, who returns his love but marries another. But I could tell upon beginning this book that this was someone who bumped up hard against sudden celebrity—those moments when everyone seems to think they know you intimately. The book he ends up writing is all about Emma.

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Feb 01, Trish rated it liked it Shelves: And he uncharacteristically put a hand on my head and let it rest there. That was a recurring thought while reading The voice here changes, loses much of its energy and the verve that drove the book to this point. Sep 12, Myfanwy rated it it was amazing. Even though the randomness continues pastic around, I no longer noticed.

Given the many musings on consciousness that Currie has folded into the story, I imagine much of that was intentional. Apparently this is not a spoiler, he fakes his death after giving the drop-out the boot, and gets himself booted out by Emma for a second time.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Currie has found a pathway to the epic through intimacy, creating something great by way of the small. Enough with the Singularity. We will die slowly, of shame. And we get current Ron Currie, doing a lot of drinking and fist-fighting among other things.

These two spines interweave ever more tightly till they fuse into a dazzling question mark with no easy answers. I feel like I need to apologize to myself for staying up until midnight reading this garbage. The love story with Emma is preoccupied with violent, consensual sex, beginning with the scene when Ron demands that Emma punch him in the face while she climaxes.

The book is reinvigorated first when Emma arrives in the Caribbean and then again when she leaves him, to which Ron responds by driving his Jeep off a pier. Flimey 27, karen rated it really liked it Shelves: Vehicle with 2 abducted teens flees police at mph before crashing.

That was one of the main reasons for my intense dislike of this book. Witnessing a man destroy himself through alcohol, fistfights and obsession has lost its appeal for me. I guess ask fans of JT LeRoy. The format was unique; the pages were separated like thoughts. Jan 28, Pages Buy. He lands in Caribbean, drinks a lot, and plasfic not much time in shacking up with a young college dropout who worships the ground he walks on.

Jennifer Gillan and Maria Mazziotti Gillan. Lists with This Book. Jun 14, Tom rated it really liked it. Authorities searching his island home find a novel manuscript, and through a long chain of good fortune, his story goes viral and his book is soon the biggest literary phenomenon since Harry Potter. In the end, you can decide to live. The Splendor Before the Dark.

But he also recognizes that disembodied existence may render his love meaningless. So, thank you, Ron Currie Jr. Or at least that I will not deliberately engage in any lies, of either substance or omission, in talking with you here today. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

By using himself as a stand-in for all the little fictions we create for ourselves every day, he has mined a larger truth. In complete heartbreak Ron decides to end his life. They give the the reader insight into who he was, who he is. TOP Related Posts.


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