Michael Adair keenly investigates this clandestine society using interviews and historical research to uncover enlightening new information. Surviving through the centuries, it is frightening to think of how the Illuminati continues to influence our daily lives. A must read for anyone concerned about the future of liberty. The linking of Jesus to Mithraism is also mentioned, which is an important link to be made. The beginnings of the bloodline of Jesus and the Rex Deus family are also briefly covered.

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Start your review of Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati: The Luciferian Deception Write a review Shelves: non-fiction Who is above the secret society Masters and ruling and ruining our world? I wonder if the author ever contemplated that the negative Beings who are using the Illuminati as their puppets and host, are the suckers who had invented religions in the first place?

Including Illuminati belief system itself! Also, all religions are questionable Who is above the secret society Masters and ruling and ruining our world? Also, all religions are questionable period. Just look at your world after five major religions in the last years and tell me how it has helped human consciousness evolved. This Earthling religious civilization has almost reached the bottom abyss of materialism,greed,lust,power,war,money,vice, and etc.

Soon we will all hear the Kaboom! The initiates go through 3 stages to reach the top of the pyramid. In order to lure in the naive people, Possessed Masters have to give initiates some truth or rational lie about the Illuminati teachings. The third stage is the TRAP. The baby initiate being ignorant of metaphysics and the spirit world, through Saturnian rituals experiences conjured negative Beings. These Beings knowing the weakness and stupidity of Earthlings, will give initiates power,money,fame in exchange for That is to possess them.

The important key the author did not mention is that these Beings will not take your freewill away unless you willingly hand it over to them Universal law. So what is the agenda of the beings I highly doubt an Illuminati Master gave the manuscript to the author to write a book to lure the simpletons into the boyz club.

Why would a master give too much info away Maybe not because it looks like other ETs have stepped in to help the sleeping humans to wake up to the somber frightening truth and perhaps to get them ready for the last battle on Earth. Interestingly, these Beings and secret societies love the colors red,white,and black.

What institutions ,organizations , companies, or logos use these colors? Something for you to do research on. Also, check out the cover of this book.


Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati: The Luciferian Deception

For more conspiracy and high strange visit The Church Of Mabus 1. How are you in the know when it comes to the Illuminati regarding your book Forbidden Secrets of the Illuminati The Luciferian Deception? I was approached by members of the Illuminati two years ago, and they asked me if I would be interested in joining their group. I am not the type of person to join these organizations, I believe in liberty and freedom for everyone. I once read a manuscript written by Robert Anton Wilson, where he explains how the Illuminati kept coming into his life, trying to get him to join. He wrote several books about their society.


Forbidden Secrets Of Lucifer’s Illuminaughty


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