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This article has been automatically rated by a bot or other tool as Stub-Class because it uses a stub template. Genre[ edit ] As with a few other Gambale albums, there appears to be dispute from one single anonymous user over whether this should be classed as rock or specifically instrumental rock , since there are no proper vocals in addition to jazz fusion.

To use a few easy examples: the first five tracks "Little Charmer", "6. Even the crazy shred solos in "Another Alternative" are more akin to rock than jazz. One could almost say the first half of Passages sounds like a Satriani album! I too somewhat agree that this album should be labeled with "instrumental rock"; unfortunately I cannot find any sources stating it is instrumental rock. I would like to label this album with "contemporary jazz"; yet there is no Wikipedia page for "contemporary jazz".

So I think putting "jazz" should be sufficient enough. This album should be labeled as: Jazz, jazz fusion, instrumental rock, smooth jazz. They are really stupid, because most fusion albums are not like that. Obviously, allaboutjazz has some major labeling issues. Sprecher talk The first disambiguation article to which contemporary jazz links on Wikipedia is smooth jazz , which has been included.

I know how smooth jazz sounds, and the last six songs are not pure smooth jazz compare this to typical Kenny G smooth jazz crap. Honestly, it seems that the last six songs are more contemporary jazz than smooth jazz. Everything from track six onwards, however, does indeed switch to jazz fusion and pretty much stays there throughout.

Even you have to admit how downright laughable that is. Are you related to him or something? All in all, the main problem I have is labelling this album as normal jazz. This is for three reasons: 1 it is pure and utter cruft to label a single straightforward album with four closely related genres; 2 as with Thinking Out Loud, having three instances of the word "jazz" is overkill; and 3 there is no normal jazz to be found here.

Why put smooth jazz at the end, one may ask? The same applies here. Surely by now you must be getting as sick of typing out the word "jazz" as I am? And I mean that in a totally friendly way. The truth is that I have to adhere to the facts presented on well established websites rather than what you think the genre of a particular album is.

I have found sources stating "Passages" is fusion, contemporary jazz, and smooth jazz. I have yet to find any sources state that "Passages" is instrumental rock. The next 6 songs are really not even fusion. First off, never have I heard from anyone or any website state that Passages is instrumental rock. The songs are very fusiony, yet do have the simple cookie cutter feeling of instrumental rock.

The songs are also very "slury" which is something that I have yet to hear in instrumental rock; as well as they are not choppy like instrumental rock. They like to distort notes a lot; you can barely even hear the notes clearly. In this album, not only can you hear every note crystal clear, but there is not very much Satriani or Vai distortion with whom you keep comparing Gambale to , and he plays in a more jazz fusion "slury" manner.

Oh yeah, I am not getting tired of typing out the word "jazz". I love jazz and fusion, so this is actually very enjoyable for me. The way it is now is fine. Please review any advice or comments offered by the EAR team. Or, do you still object to the "contemporary" label? However, I do indeed object to having contemporary jazz clumped in there, since none of those sources explicitly state that the album is contemporary jazz.

CD Baby lists it solely under smooth jazz as well as quoting "


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Little Charmer


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