Sponsors: About me Hi! I run the Internet security resource sites Insecure. Org , Nmap. Org , SecLists. Org , and SecTools. I also wrote and maintain the Nmap Security Scanner.

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Sponsors: About me Hi! I run the Internet security resource sites Insecure. Org , Nmap. Org , SecLists. Org , and SecTools. I also wrote and maintain the Nmap Security Scanner. For people who just came here looking for my email address, it is fyodor nmap. The good kind. I enjoy tinkering with computers, exploring networks, pushing hardware and software to its limits, and especially open source programming.

I have been developing and distributing the free Nmap Security Scanner since It scans your networks to determine what hosts are online, what services web servers, mail servers, etc.

While my web sites and Nmap were created for fun and in the hope that people would find them useful, they have become my full-time occupation. I consider myself quite privileged to be able to spend all my time on what I love. Revenue comes from a licensing program that allows proprietary software and appliance vendors to integrate and distribute Nmap technology within their products. My company, Insecure. Com LLC, also offers limited web advertising. I have gained much from the information and open source programs available on the Internet, as well as the culture of sharing that pervades the hacker community.

I try give a little back through my programs, books, articles, web sites, and other projects I maintain. Books and papers In addition to writing software, I have authored or co-authored several books: Nmap Network Scanning is the official guide to Nmap.

The reference guide documents every Nmap feature and option, while the remainder demonstrates how to apply them to quickly solve real-world tasks.

Examples and diagrams show actual communication on the wire. Topics include subverting firewalls and intrusion detection systems, optimizing Nmap performance, and automating common networking tasks with the Nmap Scripting Engine. More than half of the book is available free online. The book can be purchased at Amazon , or you can read my chapter online for free. When it first came out, STC ranked as the second-highest selling computer book on Amazon.

I am a founding member of the Honeynet Project , which places bait networks on the Internet and studies how they are attacked. We are perhaps best known for our Know Your Enemy series of white papers. I co-authored the first edition of our Honeynet book.

I have also written many papers, most of which can be found on the Nmap docs page. Here are some of my favorites: Nmap Reference Guide is available in a dozen language and its 18 sections cover almost every aspect of Nmap. Service and Application Version Detection describes how Nmap interrogates open ports to determine exactly what is running. Web sites Hacking is not just about learning, but also sharing information.

I maintain these network security web sites: SecTools. Org - The top network security tools, as voted on every three years by thousands of Nmap users. Org - Archives of the top security mailing lists, including those run by myself and the best 3rd party lists such as Bugtraq , Security Basics , Penetration Testing , Full Disclosure , and Daily Dave.

RSS feeds are available for each list. Org - Documentation, download links, tutorials, and more for the Nmap Security Scanner. After the domain name registrar GoDaddy inapropriately shut down SecLists.

Org and some other security sites , I started NoDaddy. Com to illustrate the many problems with this registrar. Conferences and other speaking engagements Security conferences are a great way to learn, network, and party with like minded hackers. I attend them whenever I can find the time.

Preparing, traveling, and delivering good presentations takes a substantial amount of time, so I must be selective about which engagements I accept. Here are some good ones: Patrick Gray interviewed me on his Risky Business podcast in December about recent improvements to Zenmap and my new book. New Nmap 4. You can listen to part 1 , then part 2 , or read the episode notes. SecurityFocus Interview about the Nmap 4. Google podcast interview which focuses on my participation in the Google Summer of Code program.

Zone-H interview about Nmap, open source, and network security. Safemode interview covers my personal life and Nmap. Like many hackers, I enjoy reading. For a while in the early 90s I was particularly enamored with Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky. It stuck. I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. Will you help me hack his email account to find out? Email me a proposal. Would you do a pre-publication technical review? Are you on any social networks? It is a lot of work, but also rewarding.

My take is in question 4 of my Slashdot interview. Please, get help. How can I keep up with the latest Nmap and Insecure. Org news? Major Nmap releases and important site news are posted to the ad-free Nmap-hackers mailing list. You can join more than 60, current members from this page. Traffic rarely exceeds 2 messages per month.

The other source for breaking news is the front page of Insecure. If you truly want to keep abreast of all Nmap development, join the high traffic hundreds of messages per month nmap-dev list too. Most people contact me by email at fyodor nmap.


Gordon Lyon

Security conferences are a great way to learn, network, and party with like-minded hackers. Many of my presentations are listed on this page. Some of my newer talks where noted have video and audio recordings posted. Nmap includes more than NSE scripts for network discovery, vulnerability detection, exploitation, and authentication cracking. Rather than give a dry overview of NSE, Fyodor and Nmap co-maintainer David Fifield demonstrate practical solutions to common problems.







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