When I shall have read it the sixth or seventh, I begin to see I shall know about it. You will be astonished when you come to re-read it; I had no idea of the matter--human red matter--he has contrived to plug and pack into that strange and admirable book. Willoughby is, of course, a pure discovery; a complete set of nerves, not heretofore examined, and yet running all over the human body--a suit of nerves. Henley in I first heard mention of George Meredith and, in particular, this book while reading a Stevenson biography. RLS was obsessed with the themes, the characters, and the poetry of the prose that are on such elaborate display in The Egoist.

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Life[ edit ] Meredith was born in Portsmouth , Hampshire , a son and grandson of naval outfitters. At the age of 14 he was sent to a Moravian School in Neuwied , Germany, where he remained for two years. He read law and was articled as a solicitor, but abandoned that profession for journalism and poetry. He collaborated with Edward Gryffydh Peacock , son of Thomas Love Peacock , in publishing a privately circulated literary magazine, the Monthly Observer.

The collection of sonnets entitled Modern Love emerged from this experience as did The Ordeal of Richard Feverel , his first major novel. He continued writing novels and poetry, often inspired by nature. He had a keen understanding of comedy and his Essay on Comedy remains a reference work in the history of comic theory. In The Egoist , published in , he applies some of his theories of comedy in one of his most enduring novels. Some of his writings, including The Egoist, also highlight the subjugation of women during the Victorian period.

During most of his career, he had difficulty achieving popular success. His first successful novel was Diana of the Crossways published in His advice to Chapman and Hall made him influential in the world of letters. Watson during the discussion of the case, "And now let us talk about George Meredith, if you please, and we shall leave all minor matters until to-morrow. Who can define him? His style is chaos illumined by flashes of lightning".

Hardy had submitted his first novel, The Poor Man and the Lady. Meredith advised Hardy not to publish his book as it would be attacked by reviewers and destroy his hopes of becoming a novelist.

He outlived both wives and one child. They had one child, Arthur — Mary Ellen died in She died of cancer in


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