Revelation[ edit ] Living at the base of the California volcano Mount Shasta in , Ballard frequently hiked on the mountain, where he reported the following to have occurred. It came time for lunch, and I sought a mountain spring for clear, cold water. Cup in hand, I bent down to fill it, when an electrical current passed through my body from head to foot. I looked around, and directly behind me stood a young man who, at first glance, seemed to be someone on a hike like myself. I looked more closely and realized immediately that he was no ordinary person. As this thought passed through my mind, he smiled and addressed me saying: "My Brother, if you will hand me your cup, I will give you a much more refreshing drink than spring water.

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Be Inspired. Be Empowered. Be Connected. Guy Ballard brought forth the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood , the Law of the I AM Presence and held the focus of the Christ consciousness for the planet until his ascension on December 31, His wife and twin flame was Edna Ballard, now the ascended lady master Lotus who ascended February 12, Although the requirements for his ascension had been completed several years before he actually ascended, he volunteered to continue in the service of the Brotherhood as their point of contact in the world of form.

Through the assistance given him by the Great Divine Director in the Cave of Light, his four lower bodies were aligned and his threefold flame balanced, enabling him to be the channel for many miracles and healings before his ascension. As part of his final service while in embodiment, Godfre took on world karma and expiated it through his physical form, thus sparing humanity great suffering that he himself chose to bear, even as Jesus bore the crucifixion for the sins of mankind.

The turning point in his mission and the key to his victory in that embodiment occurred as he was walking on Broadway in Los Angeles. You have no power. Each act of disobedience sets back the plans of the Brotherhood for the victory of the planet, a victory for which each person is individually and collectively responsible. The second great lesson we learn from Godfre is that it is not until we cast down the idol of the human consciousness that we begin the trek up the mountain of our initiations.

The rejection of the human ego and consciousness should be made each time it attempts to assert itself. Beloved Holy Christ Self, you step forth in your blazing Reality and be the only Presence acting here! He teaches us to ascend moment by moment by raising our thoughts and feelings, our energies and actions. The ascension is the goal of life not only for the few, but for the many. Godfre was embodied as a son of the great king Saint Germain who ruled the civilization that flourished in what is now the Sahara Desert over 70, years ago.

Among his other embodiments were Richard the Lionhearted and George Washington Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Sorry, comments are closed for this post.


Guy Ballard


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The Magic Presence



Godfre Ray King – Messenger of Saint Germain


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