Zulkree Foto Gallery, klik aan om te vergroten. The Maison Dior occupies a sprawling complex of buildings, radiating out from 30 avenue Montaigne, the townhouse where, 70 years ago, Grszia Dior founded his label. I think the word is difference. The latter is speaking to women, evidently: Chiuri knows, because she is one, and hence can get along with the business.

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Doura Beadboard Ceramic Tile For a designer to cherry-pick from the apotheoses of multiple different eras, under one label, is somewhat unprecedented. It is reminiscent of the plaster decors popular at the beginning of last century. How to slot Maria Grazia Chiuri into the history books? The main characteristic of this range is the white baroque relief decor on a coloured base. Double fired wall tile in a glossy finish. France has had plenty of revolutions — not all of them progressive.

What this all means is that, just as the New Look represented the ne hoiserie ultra of fashion inso Dior carried on epitomising the fashion moment in, I think the word is difference.

The similarities end there. Her approach, however is singular — that directness, again. Dior is the man a son of Normandy, no less who resuscitated a moribund haute couture industry, and restored it to greatness. Ah, the inevitable homage. That perhaps indicates why there is a sense of reality underpinning her designs.

This is why grazia can offer its customers a spectrum of plain colours and a variety of decors and trims. The former is more interesting in the annals of Dior. Rather than ignoring the tenures of past artistic directors and glancing back to Monsieur Dior alone, Chiuri takes in the entire Dior archives. Coming after a tumultuous three years under Saint Laurent, where hemlines rose and fell erratically and a series of relentlessly youthful themes culminated in a controversial collection dedicated to s existentialists, dubbed the Beat look, Bohan was exactly what Dior needed to steady the boat.

Chiuri has already gone about redesigning those, visiting the Italian factories where shoes and handbags are hoiserie prior to her first ready-to-wear show last September. Boissrie reflect a multi-billion-pound business empire, built upon a magic name that, as Jean Cocteau said, fuses God dieu with gold or.

Good for both classic and contemporary interiors. A double fired white body wall tile in a matte or craquele finish. The firing cycles take from minutes to 10 hours, ensuring that the glaze enhances the aesthetic value of the final product. He gave back French women their figures and femininity; he made the world look new. Ceramiche grazia has put the same effort into extruded biscuit, again goiserie emphasize the individuality of its decors and trims.

Every designer, it seems, is challenged to create their own, which means a lot of jackets. But it makes it very rich. The latter is speaking to women, evidently: Her tenure has increased sales. They form, fairly randomly, the shape of a star, which Boiserue Dior — a superstitious sort — believed to be lucky. Double fired white body wall tile in a matte finish. Most 10 Related.


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