El Dios que habl y actu en tiempos pasados confronta a los hombres de esta generacin con la palabra escrita que ha sido preservada en el Antiguo Testamento. Nuestro conocimiento de las antiguas culturas en que este documento tuvo su origen, ha sido grandemente incrementado mediante descubrimientos arqueolgicos y las crecientes fronteras ampliadas de la erudicin bblica. La preparacin de esta visin general, destinada a introducir al estudiante de las artes liberales y al lector laico en la historia y la literatura del Antiguo Testamento, ha sido impulsada por ms de una dcada de experiencias en las aulas. En este volumen intento ofrecer un bosquejo de todo el Antiguo Testamento a la luz de los progresos contemporneos. En mis estudios de graduacin estuve expuesto a un amplio campo de interpretacin del Antiguo Testamento, bajo el Dr. Pfeiffer en la Universidad de Harvard, al igual que los Drs.

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Start your review of Habla El Antiguo Testamento Write a review Shelves: politics , theology , sociology , history This was my text in a graduate seminary class in the Old Testament which was especially good because my professor was the very same Samuel Schultz.

I therefore have difficulty separating the book from the class Our only other text was the Bible which we read very carefully. It is sometimes difficult to recall that we read the entire OT in one semester. Schultz was very old school: tests consisted of names of people or places or sometimes ideas This was my text in a graduate seminary class in the Old Testament which was especially good because my professor was the very same Samuel Schultz. Schultz was very old school: tests consisted of names of people or places or sometimes ideas such as "Abrahamic covenant.

Usually the second page of the test was a map of the Mideast with a few dots. We were required to name the places and name the prophet, king, or judge associated with it, including dates and the significance of the associated events. One of the things we discovered was the professor Schultz knew his Hebrew very well It was in fact his explanations of Aramaic which prompted my own flirtation with the language for which I am grateful.

We would often attempt to catch him on a double or vague meaning of a certain passage and he would explain the various meanings followed, typically, by what he said was the correct one in a particular case.

One did not argue when he was firm on an issue. I secretly renamed it "The Book of Chaos," and I am not far from complete accuracy in saying this because of its diversity as well as its details. Concerning the book alone, I am tempted to say that it serves the purpose of being a survey or overview of the Old testament well.

However, one misses the completeness and attention to detail of the author if one does not stop at each reference and read the accompanying passages for amplification and explication. In one sense it is a very adequate book, but in another it is a very daunting, detailed and complete discussion of a variety of issues, not only of history but of social interactions as well as theology.

One finishes understanding that the Jews have a master and protector and He will continue to protect them. That reaffirmation is certainly worth the great time this book takes to read.


Habla el Antiguo Testamento (The Old Testament Speaks)

Samuel Schultz is interested, principally, in giving the reader a clear vision of the fundamentals - archaeological, geographical, historical, and linguistic - of the ideas that emerge from the covenant between God and His people from the time of Abraham until the coming of the Messiah. For serious students of the Bible, this is a most helpful work in dedicating oneself wholly to the study of the form and structure of the Old Testament under the expert supervision of an experienced professor. En un estilo cuidadoso, critico y conservador, "Habla el Antiguo Testamento" cubre una completa gama de estudios sbore la Biblia. El doctor Samuel Schultz esta interesado, principalmente, en dar al lector una vision clara de los fundamentos - arqueologicos, geograficos, historicos y linguisticos - de las ideas que emergen del pacto de Dios con su pueblo desde el tiempo de Abraham hasta la venida del Mesias. Para los estudiantes serios de la Biblia, este es el lugar para dedicarse de lleno al estudio de la forma y estructura del Antiguo Testamento bajo la supervision experta de un profesor con experiencia.


Samuel J. Schultz - Habla El Antiguo Test Amen To



Samuel J. Schultz - Habla El Antiguo Testamento


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