McCauley and his granddaughter Sabitha. Johanna, convinced by the letters that Ken will marry her, uses her substantial savings to travel to his remote location in rural Canada. She discovers that Ken has fallen ill, and, lovingly, she nurses him back to health. Having realized that Ken cannot control his own life, Johanna takes charge and arranges for them to start a new life. Several years later, Edith learns that Ken and Johanna have married and had a child. She has received startling news, but her husband does not appear concerned.

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I studied some of her short stories as a student high school and college ; I took a senior seminar in her work at university long before she won the Nobel Prize for Literature; Ive seen her read several times my favourite was when she read the masterpiece Differently in its entirety. And I continue to read and reread her work. Some of her stories are so familiar I can recite whole passages by heart. Nerd confession: I once played a game with a friend where he read passages from Munro and I had to identify the story.

After that, I felt her stories got a little too complex, too compressed. What I always love about Munro is just how deep she goes into human interaction. When Neal was around other people, even one person other than Jinny, his behavior changed, becoming more animated, enthusiastic, ingratiating.

Jinny was not bothered by that anymore — they had been together for twenty-one years. And she herself changed — as a reaction, she used to think — becoming more reserved and slightly ironic. Some masquerades were necessary, or just too habitual to be dropped. How true to life. The title story, the longest in the collection and one that spans decades, is a marvellous tale that keeps shifting perspectives.

The first perspective is from a smug, small-town station agent: The station agent often tried a little teasing with women, especially the plain ones who seemed to appreciate it.

Then later: She spoke to him in a loud voice as if he was deaf or stupid, and there was something wrong with the way she pronounced her words. An accent. She might have been under forty, but what did it matter? No beauty queen, ever. Oh, my.

Munro knows her people so well: their vanities, their prejudices, their secret desires. A few pages later, the same woman described above goes shopping for a dress she hopes will be her wedding outfit, and the shopkeeper named "Milady" comes alive in a few brief, sharp strokes. Flipping through this story again to write this review made me realize why I love Munro so much. She presents humanity with all its flaws intact. She forgives them. She forgives us. This is an exquisite collection.


Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Stories

This lesson summarizes the story and analyzes its lessons. Brief Overview Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage is a short story about six key characters which frequently shifts perspective: Every time the story shifts to a new character, we learn a bit more about the other characters and the central events. We start with Johanna, the housekeeper; then we move on to Mr. McCauley, her employer; then to Sabitha and Edith, Mr. The ever-shifting focus accomplishes two objectives: We learn a bit more about the characters than we would from the limited perspective of each, and we are surprised by the twists and turns of the story.


Alice Munro's Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage: Summary & Analysis




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