Product Warranty and Limitations Warranty Hawking Technology guarantees that its products are free from physical defects in materials and workmanship under normal recommended use for up to one 1 year from the date of purchase. If you cannot access this form, please email customerservice hawkingtech. A return authorization number will be provided upon approval of warranty requests accompanied by a copy of proof of purchase. Returns cannot be processed without proof of purchase. When returning a product under warranty, Hawking offers replacement or repair of approved products only.

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First, be sure you are upgraded to the latest firmware version. Save it to your desktop. To upgrade, log into the extender and go to tools. Click on upgrade firmware and then choose the file you just downloaded. Click apply and follow the onscreen steps. When completed, the firmware should now be upgraded.

If you are already upgraded and you are still having drops, Check the wireless channel in your router. Some routers use an AUTO function in which the channel changes itself periodically. After you configure it, you will see two networks. Depending on the signal strength and your location, please pick the signal that is the strongest. Before connecting the Range Extender, we have to find out the IP of the router.

Connect a computer to the Router wired or wireless. In the black window, type ipconfig and then select enter. Note the IP address, subnet mask, and then default gateway.

If the computer is connected wired to the Router, note the IP address details under Local Area Connection and if connected wireless to the Router, note the IP address details under Wireless Network Connection If the Default gateway address is starting with X then connect the Range Extender to the Router and go to configure basic settings question below.

If not connect the Range Extender to the computer and assign a static IP address. How to assign static IP in the computer to login to the Range extender? And for the IP address X x any number between 1 to except the Range Extender IP. And the Sugnet Mask is If not connect the Range Extender to the computer and assign static IP. And the Subnet Mask is Then go to the configure basic settings question below.


Hawking HWREG1 User Manual

You can now configure other advance sections or start using the Range Extender. You can now configure other advance sections or st a rt using the Range Extender. With these security functions, you can prevent your wireless LAN from illegal access. Every user must use a valid account to login to this Range Extender before accessing the wireless LAN. This use CCMP protocol to change encryption key frequently.


Hawking Hi-Gain HWREN1 Manuals

Complete with a 2dBi dipole antenna, the HWREN15 is sure to give your network the boost it needs to sustain a stable connection that ensures uninterrupted web surfing. With its compact design, the HWREN15 will easily adapt to your existing wifi network and is even easier to install. Although many homes and offices already have a wireless router to distribute signal, if your laptop is barely within the range of the router, you will be connected, but your signal strength will be very low. Because your laptop only has minimal network connection, there may be data lag while downloading multimedia content, loading files, web surfing, etc.

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