Faeran Need help with claiming your work expenses? The first page is all about filling up the basic details. What were you doing? Thank you for your feedback. A Brief Overview How much does it cost to call on Numbers? Fill in our simple form below to get your tax rebate claim started today.

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You may be able to claim tax relief. We provide an example, showing you how to complete form P87, which you can use to claim tax relief on employment expenses. Alternatively, you can ask for the repayment to be sent direct to your bank or building society.

You can complete and submit form P87 online through the Government Gateway , or you can choose to complete it onscreen and post it to HMRC. We use the annotated form plus example below to illustrate how you should complete the onscreen form P Please do not use the details provided in the example when completing your own form.

If you want to complete and submit the form online and have not got a Government Gateway account you can set one up as part of the claim process. You can find out more about your Personal Tax Account in our digital services guide.

If you chose to complete form P87 onscreen and post it to HMRC , check our guidance here first as to all information you need to hand before you start. Once you complete the form, you should save it and print it, before signing and sending to HMRC.

You should retain a copy of the completed form for your own records. Please note that because the onscreen P87 form on GOV. UK is responsive to your answers, it may look different and show different options when compared to our illustrative example.

John is a basic rate taxpayer. It is a retailer. John is not able to claim any tax relief in respect of flat rate expenses. He does not pay any professional subscriptions. His employer reimburses him for any hotel costs and meals, when he has to stay away from home for work.

John drives his own car for work, and he has to travel most days between different retail locations. John is making a claim for tax relief after the end of the tax year and he wants HMRC to send the repayment cheque direct to him.


HMRC forms

Mukasa Normally, it takes around five weeks for the claim to get processed after HMRC receives your completed form. This form is also available in Welsh. The amount shown on the service summary page is your total expenses for the year. Making a claim this way is often quicker because you can supply more information in the first instance u, comparison to what is requested on the P87which reduces the need for the tax office to ask further questions. Thank you for your feedback.


P87 HMRC Online Form


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