Some unfortunate would get a right pasting and sometimes they never knew why," the associate said. According to former associates, Colin Gunn also had a penchant for teenage girls. One woman, who fears for her life to this day, told me how she was first sought out by Gunn on a night out. She is now in witness protection. A number of people told me about regular incidents where Colin would pop cash into an envelope and card and post it to elderly people who were celebrating birthdays. One year the brothers paid for a huge firework display on Guy Fawkes Night for all the community to enjoy.

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Robert Dawes to face French court next year over 1. Nottingham born Robert Dawes, 45, is charged with organising a 1. According to French investigators, the operation against Dawes began on 8 July when information was received that a large consignment of cocaine was going to be sent from Venezuela to France via a passenger flight.

The information stated that a British organised crime group was behind the shipment. More information came through to French investigators enabling them to tag Roissy airport about 20 miles from the centre of Paris as the destination point. Having intercepted the shipment by stealth, French investigators then placed undercover officers via an informant into the baggage handling facility at Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

A meeting was arranged for that evening in Paris. Under the Eiffel Tower. Records showed he had also visited Venezuela in April Investigators believe this would have been to oversee the logistics of the Caracas to Paris transport operation on behalf of Robert Dawes.

Several Venezuelan police officers with alleged links to the Venezuelan outfit Cartel de Los Soles and a Caracas airport remit would later be arrested. There was little legitimate business done by the mobile phone company. In reality, it was a cover for an encrypted network of communications designed to thwart all eavesdropping attempts by law enforcement agencies. One company director was jailed for 10 years in Portugal after being caught with a kilo shipment of cocaine linked to Dawes.

Another director, overseeing a cocaine shipment that went missing, was shot dead in Antwerp in leading to a wild west of tit for tat shootings in Netherlands and abroad which claimed upwards of 15 lives. Some of the victims were mistaken innocents and others were simply girlfriends or relatives of targets. There Wheat gave the undercover baggage handler further instructions about where the shipment would be moved to and how it was to be split into four consignments.

One split was just over kilos which would go to representatives of the Camorra mafia gang from Naples. The Camorra shipment was allowed to travel out of the airport in a truck driven by an Italian before being stopped at the German border apparently on its way via Germany to a rendezvous in a Camorra held part of Italy. They were arrested while out shopping on the Champs Elysees. Price, who gave his occupation as a used car salesman, was bailed through lack of evidence, but after returning to the UK was then arrested handling a large amount of MDMA on behalf of a cell working for Robert Dawes.

He was sentenced to three and half years following a court case at Stafford Crown Court in Wheat remains in custody in France. Meanwhile, the Guardia Civil upped its monitoring of Dawes.

Unable to break the encryption communications he was employing they resorted to tried and tested tactics used pursuing ETA terrorists. During the chat, Dawes revealed he could get narcotics shipments through most ports and airports in Europe through corrupt contacts. He mentioned contacts in ports such as Algeciras and Valencia in Spain, using ships from Venezuela and from Santos, Brazil, cargo planes in the Netherlands, ships from Morocco to Spain, containers in Antwerp, and shipments by commercial plane in suitcases through airports such as Brussels.

Only the airport at Barajas, Madrid was impenetrable, he told the Columbians. His price was 30 per cent commission on the value of anything that went through the transport lines he controlled air, sea or land. On tape Dawes was also caught boasting about the 1.

He appeared to be trying to convince the Medellin drug boss of his credentials. He was also caught telling the Columbian that the only way he would communicate with the Columbians would be via a Blackberry PGP encrypted mobile which he would supply to whoever he dealt with. Via his legal team, Dawes — currently being held at Fresnes prison near Paris — is expected to continue to attempt to water down the evidence which mounts against him and use delaying tactics in his case.


How gang violence took a grip on Nottingham

Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid Email In the third of a series of exclusive abridged extracts from his book Hoods, journalist Carl Fellstrom examines the influence of the Dawes brothers and Gary Hardy — and a mystery millionaire One man who has not featured yet remains the most powerful organised crime figure in Nottingham. For legal reasons we shall call him the Taxman. He is a legend in his own right, controlling the money end of drug dealing throughout the East Midlands. He also has legitimate business interests stretching across the country. Many drug dealers who need collateral for the products they will smuggle into the UK will go to the Taxman for funding.


Hoods: How the Gunns built their empire

Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid Email In recent years, Nottingham gained a national reputation for gun crime and turf battles between rival gangs. But the origins of gang crime in the city date back several decades. Over two weekends, as many as 4, men took part in street battles around the Wells Road and Robin Hood Chase.

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