Zolobar About Gail Warshofsky Lapidus. All this work was carried out in a natural manner; no fires or furnaces like the metallurgist uses. Christian marked it as to-read Jun 28, However there must be some prior belief in the feasibility of attaining the goal sought, for without this, one could not persevere undaunted. The treatises are full of stumbling blocks, blinds, misleading statements, important keys left out purauit lies put in: Sulphur and Salt This one book, closely studied, is however all that is necessary for practical experiment. In Pursuit of Gold: Alchemy Today in Theory and Practice If then that which hinders their perfect digestion be removed, they will all become gold; for crude, cold, and moist mercury is the common first substance of gold as well as of other metals. Nature produces the metals out of cold and humid mercury, and by assiduous digestion; our art takes the same crude and humid mercury, and conjoins it with mature gold, by a secret artifice; the mixture represents a new and far more potent mercury which by digestion, becomes not common gold, but one more noble, which can transmute imperfect metals into pure gold.

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About a year ago Stephen Skinner told me that since Lapidus had died, Stephen felt able to clear up the mystery of the authorship of the book. He assured me that he himself had not written the book and told me the name of the author. He wished me to not to make this identity public.

The name of the author meant nothing to me. Lapidus appears to have been someone who did not want his interest in alchemy publicly revealed, and I think Stephen is right not to want it openly revealed. Suffice it to say that he was British and lived in England. He does not seem to have made any impact on outer history and as I said above, his name was unknown to me. Is Lapidus Skinner still active? Lapidus died some years ago. Stephen is very much alive and living in London. Did Lapidus write another book since ?

I do not know. I have not heard of any other material under the name of Lapidus. Yes indeed. I think that one needs to be cautious with this book.

There are several major contradictions in it, possibly deliberate, for instance where he speaks of muriatic acid and nitric acid.


In Pursuit of Gold

Nak About Gail Warshofsky Lapidus. These preliminary explanations will later make every thing clearer, and the determined alchemist will save many long years of wasteful experiments, and money. Return to Ciencia Real. Vade Mecum Appendix I. Under varying conditions, this seed can be transformed by nature, or it may fail, but it is always nature that does this work.


In Pursuit of Gold by Lápidus (1976, Hardcover)

Chapter 1. The Confusion of Alchemy So much has been written about alchemy during past centuries that everything possible that could have been said about the subject has been reiterated again and again in a multitude of ways. Therefore it is not surprising that this has resulted in the complete secret art being exposed many times over, although of course never in any one treatise. Infact, some adepts in alchemy have written so many treatises that, from these alone, one may gather the whole secret if their works are properly pieced together in an orderly fashion.


In Pursuit of Gold: Alchemy Today in Theory and Practice



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