TV Brightness screens are usually Page Advanced Menu When Auto is selected, the projector automatically determines the standard. Page 28 Overscan: removes noise around the video image. Set Black Level: analyzes the current input image and calculates an offset value which is then added to the analog to digital converter black level value. Page 29 If you enter an incorrect PIN 3 times in succession, the projector will automatically shut down.

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Page 3: Table Of Contents Table of Contents Introduction Positioning the projector Ceiling Mount Connecting power Connecting a computer source Optional computer connections Displaying an image Adjusting the image Connecting a video device Video device connections Shutting down the projector Troubleshooting your setup Using the remote control Using the audio Using the keypad buttons Optimizing computer images Locate the projector in a well- non InFocus lamps may cause electrical shock and fire, and may void ventilated area without obstructions to intake or exhaust vents.

Page 5: Introduction It is a versatile projector that is flexible enough Lamp access panel for business presentations and home video viewing, too.

This guide applies to both products. Page 7: Positioning The Projector Positioning the projector Table 1: IN SVGA and IN XGA To determine where to position the projector, consider the size and shape of Range of distance to the screen for a given screen size your screen, the location of your power outlets, and the distance between the projector and the rest of your equipment. Page 8: Ceiling Mount We strongly recommend using InFocus approved ceiling mounts for proper fitting, ventilation and installation.

The warranty does not cover any dam- age caused by use of non-approved ceiling mount kits or by installing in an improper location. Page 9: Connecting Power Connecting power Connect the black power cord to the Power connector on the rear of the Connect power cord projector and to your electrical outlet.

The Power light on the Status Indicator Panel page 14 turns amber. NOTE: Always use the power cord that shipped with the projector. Page Optional Computer Connections Optional computer connections To get sound from the projector, connect an audio cable optional cable, not Connect audio cable included to your computer and to the Audio 1 or Audio 2 connector on the projector.

Press Fn and the labeled function key simultaneously. No laptop image? Try pressing the Auto Image button on the keypad. Page Adjusting The Image Adjusting the image Adjust height If necessary, adjust the height of the projector by pressing the elevator foot release button to extend the foot.

Avoid placing your hands near the hot exhaust vent at the side of the projector. You can order cables from InFocus or use your own. Plug the other yellow connector into the yellow Composite connector on the projector.

Page 14 What is Aspect Ratio? Page Shutting Down The Projector see page Turn the projector off and wait one minute, then turn the projector on again. Contact Technical Support if the problem persists.

Visit www. Lamp Turn the projector off and wait one minute, then turn the projector on again. Page 22 Replace lamp Lamp light Still need assistance? If you need assistance, visit our support website at www. Check out the How To section for additional information on using this projector for home theater or gaming applications. This product is backed by a limited warranty. An extended warranty plan may be purchased from your dealer. The remote uses two 2 provided AA batteries.

To adjust the volume, press the Volume buttons on the keypad or remote. Page Using The Keypad Buttons Using the keypad buttons Optimizing computer images After the projector is running and the image is on the screen, you can Most buttons are described in detail in other sections, but here is an optimize the image using the onscreen menus.

For general information on overview of their functions: using the menus, see page Page Optimizing Video Images Using command codes, text messages can be sent for display by the screen, you can optimize the image using the onscreen menus.

For general projector and all other InFocus projectors with the Dynamic Messaging information on using the menus, see page The menus automatically close after 60 seconds if no buttons are pressed.

Use the arrow buttons to move up and down to highlight the desired menu, then press the Select button. Page Basic Picture Menu Basic Picture menu To adjust the following settings, highlight the setting, press Select, use the arrow buttons to adjust the values, then press Select to confirm the changes.

Brightness: Changes the intensity of the image. Contrast: Controls the degree of difference between the lightest and darkest parts of the picture and changes the amount of black and white in the image. Page Advanced Picture Menu Advanced Picture menu Detect Film: Controls film mode detection, and determines whether the original source of the input video was film or video.

Language: Allows you to select a language for the onscreen display. Network: Allows you to setup network settings. Default settings are as follows: Audio 1 is used with VGA 1 and translucent screen. VGA 2; Audio 2 is used with S-video and composite.

Verify the new PIN. Serial Port, Baud Rate: Selects the serial port and baud rate. Serial Port Echo: Controls whether the serial port echoes characters.


Проектор InFocus INV30

Sign up Sign in. Lamp Used for less than Hours. This projector is equipped with two, 5 Watt speakers for adequate sound in classrooms and conference rooms and a Dynamic messaging System. Cyber Monday deals on storage: You like technology, and you want to give a cool gadget this year. What does this price mean?


InFocus IN2112 User Manual

Locate the projector in a well- ventilated area without obstructions to intake or exhaust vents. Do not place the projector on a tablecloth or other soft covering that may block the vents. Spilled liquid may damage the projector. Connect the power cord to a receptacle with a protective safety earth ground terminal. A surge-protected power strip is recommended. Dispose of used batteries in accordance with local disposal laws.


InFocus IN2114 Projector Specifications


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