The combination of bikers, strippers, federal agents, and drug smuggling bad guys made for one enjoyable, fast paced, sexy read! The Wild Rose Club in the French Quarter is the place where the drug transactions take place, but the DEA is unable to nab the traffickers or place any insiders in the club because the rogue can always identify the agents and seems to be one step ahead of them. Assisting Shadoe will be some members of a secret government organization called the Wild Riders, whose members all grew up on the wrong side of the law. But under the guidence of their leader, Army General Lee, the Wild Riders are now working on the right side of the law--but under the radar, in less than legal ways. To say that Spence is thunderstruck by the transformation of Shadoe from Little Miss Prim and Proper to sexy siren is an understatement.

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They went down on the floor and did some basic stretches. Shadoe was aware of Spencer still hovering near the door, but she tried her best to ignore him and concentrate on Jessie. Or maybe a game on Xbox. No such luck. By the time they had finished their stretching and Jessie went to put music on, not only had Spencer pulled up a chair, two more of the guys had come in to watch.

Want to join in? Mostly ballet though. At least you know how to move your body. Breathe in and out," Jessie said, her chest rising and falling as she deeply inhaled and exhaled. Concentrate on the music and how it makes you feel. Jessie had a way with her body and the music, sliding her hips back and forth. Slight, but oh so sexy. Ballet was all about certain moves, maintain your body structure in certain positions. What Jessie did was nothing like that—it was all free form movements.

Shadoe was used to something entirely different and she tried to follow Jessie. She tried to concentrate, but knew she was failing miserably. Let it go. This is fun stuff. Loosen your hips and let them slide. Back and forth, back and forth. Now raise your arms over your head and swing your ass. Jessie was right. She was always tense, always on the job, always thinking, planning, plotting And her focus was on being the best.

So she had to be the best at this. This made it much easier to follow Jessie, undulating her hips in a side to side rhythm. Oh, yeah, now she was getting it. Jessie pulled back, then Shadoe moved up close to her again until their breasts were touching.

Then Shadoe would move back and Jessie would rock her hips against Shadoe. And Jessie was right. Dancing like this was hot, so much easier than the structural form of dance she was so used to.

When she turned to face the men, there were several sets of equally steamy eyes riveted on them, anticipation written all over their faces. There was power in this. Spencer said nothing, but his throat was dry, his cock like steel and his balls quivered. Watching Shadoe and Jessie dance together was one hell of an erotic scene. Now that she was out of her loose pantsuit, he realized Shadoe had a body.

Not the knock-your-eyes-out-of-their-sockets body that Jessie had, but the woman definitely had curves. And legs. Long legs. He wanted to see those legs under the sweat pants she wore, dammit. He was a leg man. And he was wrong—she could move. She learned quickly, and though he could tell she was a novice, once she was given instruction, she was a quick study. If Maria could teach her a few moves, she might make one hell of a stripper. If she could actually handle it, and that was the key. Could she handle it?

He knew exactly how to do that. He waited while she and Jessie practiced awhile longer. All the other guys but Diaz left, obviously unable to stand the girl-on-girl torture any longer. When Jessie finished up, Shadoe indicated she was going to hang out and practice for awhile.

Jessie winked at Diaz as she strolled by and left the gym. Diaz walked out right after her, but Spence hung back, watching. Shadoe was immersed in the music, clearly oblivious to his presence. He stood and walked toward her. She rocked her hips back and forth in front of the mirror, her eyes open as he approached. He stopped behind her. She had a really nice ass. His dick continued to pound. He stepped beside her, and her gaze drifted down. She had to notice.

She did. Her gaze shot back up to his face. Does that bother you? Get used to it. That answer told him a lot. But I need to be able to cover yours. And you need to be able to pull this off. Strip for me.


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