For this booklet Jean created a marvellous collection of ten Mascot Dolls, each with a charming display stand depicting an appropriate scene. For example, the back supports are variously brick or stone walls with moss and the bases represent pavements, snow, grass, concrete etc. The ever popular Brownie and Guide are enjoying the great outdoors and warming themselves by a knitted camp fire. Have you ever knitted fire?

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Thank you to our nurses. The doll is based on a very simple design which is quick and easy to knit. She measures 18cm 7in. Click here to download the Knitted Nurse free pattern. Please remember to adjust the settings on your printer to obtain the best quality it can provide. You will need to have Adobe Reader version 5 or later installed on your PC in order to download this pattern.

Just like the other gang members, the Clowns are free-standing and over 48cm [19in] in height. Jolly Mr Jingle is the perfect character to celebrate the Christmas season. From the plum puddings on his toes, to the snow-scene on his hat, Mr Jingle is sure to become a very special part of your Christmas festivities. Mr Jingle meets up with Clarence the Christmas postbox, to despatch a postcard to Santa. For all those other important occasions throughout the year, Mr Wonderful is guaranteed to win all hearts.

Elegantly clad in a tail-coat, he can be called upon to commemorate a birthday, engagement, marriage, anniversary or any special celebratory event. Mr Wonderful is accompanied by Percival the party postbox, who sports a wing collar with jazzy bow tie and balances little gift parcels on his head.

Click here to download the Celebration Clowns free pattern. With this charity aspect in mind I have designed The Rainbow Babies as the first new and exclusive free pattern on our website. Ideal as fund-raisers, these sweet Babies are quick to knit and each one only requires 25 grams [less than 1 ounce] of yarn and the same amount of stuffing. The only separately knitted pieces are the arms, cap and scarf. You can make pink or brown Babies, but be sure to choose lovely bright colours for the rest of the design, in keeping with the rainbow theme.

For extra play value I have also included a cosy rainbow pocket. Click here to download the Rainbow Babies free pattern. Not for them those old white bed sheets - each one is a spooky hoot. Lady Lavender is famous for her lilac ensemble and for delightful afternoon tea parties, where she entertains the other three Ghostlys with cucumber sandwiches, dainty cakes and a tune on the harp.

Bertram Spookalot-Smythe dons grey apparel as befits a thespian fond of Shakespearian tragedy. Obviously the audience gives him a standing ovation for his performance with the huge ball and chain. Foghorn Fred is the noisy one. The Basic figure and all the other pieces are simple rectangles or strips, knitted in garter stitch. Each character measures about 8cm [3in] in height and they all stand up on cardboard bases. Only oddments of yarn are required and small amounts of stuffing.

Happy haunting! Click here to download the Meet the Ghostlys free pattern. No doubt little girls will love these sweet dollies and they are also perfect for those wonderful knitters who raise funds for charity. Click here to download the Dainty Dollies free pattern. You can have lots of fun knitting these little creatures using up all those tiny scraps of left-over yarn. Glue on melon seed eyes, add grape stalk arms and pointy head bits and they turn into comical characters.

Easy-peasy to knit — just garter stitch strips, the Nittybods can be made as mini mascots to amuse your family and friends. Click here to download the Nittybods free pattern. Knit them as comical desk top toys or computer mascots to amuse the grown-ups and they will happily double-up as useful paperweights.

They are also good for throw and catch games and learning how to juggle. Instructions are included for making three sizes from one simple basic pattern, the only variations are in the number of knitted rows. Only bits of yarn are required and all the bugs can be knitted up very quickly. Who could resist those bobbly tails! Click here to download the Squidgy Beanbugs free pattern. Amazingly, this entertaining toy has been a favourite among children and adults for centuries.

The traditional version is usually made out of wood, with a stick handle and a cup on top. The ball is tied to the stick and with a swinging movement the ball is thrown upwards. The aim is to catch the ball in the cup.

In my 21st century version, the balls are comical knitted Birdie characters. It requires dexterity, eye-to-hand co-ordination and practice to catch the ball in the cup.

The game rules — to see how many catches there are in a set number of throws by opponents. The basic cups are made from the cardboard tubes which are inside kitchen paper towel rolls. Decorated with coloured paper and trimmed with knitted pieces, the toys make amusing presents for youngsters and grown-ups alike.

There are two versions in Christmassy colours, great for stocking-fillers — and two more suggesting alternative colour schemes. The cups measure just over 5cm [2in] across the diameter and the balls measure about 2. You will need to have Adobe Reader Version 5, or later installed on your PC in order to download this pattern. The boy version is also suitable for sports fans, simply knit the scarf and hat in the required team colours.

Both stand up on their tootsies, then sit down flat, making amusing toys for the children. Worked mostly in garter stitch on 4mm [No 8, USA 6] needles, they knit up quickly from oddments of double knitting yarn. Click here to download the Jolly Octopuses free pattern. The main piece is just a garter stitch tube, with one half pushed inside the other half. This double knitted thickness and the stretchiness of garter stitch holds a chocolate egg securely in place, until it is squeezed out.

The addition of wings, ears etc transform the main piece into four versions — Chick, Duck, Bunny and Mouse. Click here to download the Easter Egg Treats free pattern. Real life snowmen are fun for a while, but they always melt away. William is a friend forever and a snowman for all seasons. I can never resist giving my dolls rosy cheeks - including snowmen!

Click here to download the Toybox Snowman free pattern. They are knitted in garter stitch no increases or decreases and with one nifty stitch they stand up by themselves, like magic! Moreover, children can join in the knitting. The smallest size only has 12 stitches and 19 rows and they are all worked on 4mm [No 8, USA 6] knitting needles - perfect for beginner knitters, grown-ups included.

There are instructions for five sizes ranging from 4. You can knit them all year round, providing lots of amusing treats for the 31st of October. Click here to download the Halloween Ghosties free pattern. The basic pattern is a pocket, designed to hold a small chocolate Easter egg. Guaranteed to please youngsters and oldies alike, the pocket turns an inexpensive sweet treat into something special.

The pattern includes instructions for a knitted egg. This also fits snugly inside the pocket, which transforms these whimsical characters into all-year-round mascots or miniature keepsakes. In addition, there are patterns for cute hats and headwear, eight different versions, so you will be spoilt for choice.

Only requiring scraps of yarn these designs can be knitted up in no time at all, perfect for quick gifts and charity fund-raising. Click here to download the Novelty Eggs free pattern. Here are some suggestions. Stuff them softly for tree decorations or add some small candies to please the children.

Enclose two or three luxury chocolates for your party guests, then attach a small name card and they turn into novelty place markers. Filled with small fabric bags of lavender, they make sweet scented sachets — delightful as gifts or for charity fund-raising.

Or simply hang some on a cord for Christmas bunting. Click here to download the Christmas Stockings free pattern. This is how Jiffyknits began. In the late s I developed a proposal for a hardback book of easy items for children to knit. This was set aside for a few years and when I returned to the project I completely changed tack. Because everyone learns to knit making garter stitch strips I decided to challenge myself - how many ideas could I come up with for making amazing and amusing things from garter stitch pieces?

No increasing or decreasing allowed - just straight strips. It turned into a marathon and Jiffyknits is the result which we published in Here are some of these unpublished goodies for you to download as free patterns.

Part One of the Party Treats features the Appetisers, yummy savoury finger food. Many hostesses have entertained their guests by first serving up the Jiffyknits sandwiches, cakes and biscuits for afternoon tea. This caused much amusement because obviously knitted food is simply hilarious! For those of you who are already Jiffyknitting, these new party treats can be added to your recipe book.

No doubt they will be very popular with youngsters and maybe grown-ups as well! All the pieces are quick and easy to knit on 4mm [No 8, USA 6] needles. Little measures 5cm [2in] high from the base to top of the body.


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