I looked up just in time to see a football smack me right between the eyes. I never really understood the saying heads up. At least not as a warning. As if the school colors splashed across the sky would send us running to the ticket booth. I mentally inventoried my situation. I was fine.

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There are some, if not most books I give four stars to that I say I love, and most if not all of the books I give 4. But I tend to save five stars for books that are practically flawless to me; for books that, no matter how many minutes, hours, days, etc.

Pivot Point is absolutely one of those books. I am trying and struggling, might I add to remember the last time a book left me feeling so consistently giddy as Pivot Point. Pivot Point is an incredibly light, sweet, and at times heart-warming and funny read that deals with some pretty common - and at times heavy - topics such as divorce, moving, and trust, and each and every one of those topics and more are executed with a clear expert hand.

As well as that, Pivot Point is also much more of a character and relationship driven novel than anything else. In Pivot Point, teenager Addie Coleman has the special ability to look into the future when given a choice between two outcomes, and is able to see which future is better suited to her depending on what choice she makes.

This ability comes in handy when she is told that her parents are getting divorced, and that her father is moving out of the Compound in which she and everyone else with supernatural mind abilities like her live, and is moving into the Norm world - specifically Dallas, Texas. Instead of the usual supernatural beings we normally come across in young adult - vampires, werewolves, witches, etc.

Each ability and how it is used is a fresh and fun take on supernatural abilities, handled in an equally as fun and fresh way.

Addie herself was an extremely likable character, and I absolutely loved her wittiness and I found reading from her perspective to be so refreshing.

The same goes for her best friend, Laila, and one of her love interests, Trevor. Full of fun at every page, high levels of swoon, with an amazing and incredibly well-paced romance and an intriguing and creepy mystery leading to an intense, shocking, and ultimately bittersweet - yet entirely heartbreaking - ending, Pivot Point is certainly not a novel to be missed come February. I only wish that one of the characters in this book could erase my memory of reading this so I can start it - and fall in love with it - all over again.


Pivot Point Series



Pivot Point






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