WattBike More the 20 years we developed a product which gives recreational and top-athletes the best opportunity to simulate the motion stereotype of paddle sport. The complexity of the smooth and gentle motions increases the muscles strength and flexibility of the upper body. It offers the optimal cardio vascular training. The unlimited range of resistance is given through air displacement turbine which simulates water fluid dynamics. This break system allows the using of the Kayak ergometer independent from age or fitness-level.

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The Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer has an adjustable shaft to not only alter the paddling resistance but to provide any user with that realistic kayak feel. Each Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer comes with an easy adjustable quick release footrest, and has a fully adjustable fan resistance according to the users weight and further High Resistance adjustments to accommodate a higher resistance and the greater forces that can be applied when sprinting. The Stroke2Max Kayak Ergometer is not only a leader in kayak realistic simulation but is also the most affordable Kayak ergometer on the market.

It is fitted with and comfortable sprint seat to simulate your kayak environment. I believe the reason for this is due to the single rope which is being used on the Stroke2max which differs from the other two. Every paddle stroke feels like a water stroke. I think it is also perfect to do a lot of solid training for kids at school. It is quickly and easily adjusted and suitable for any height person. When its windy in Cape Town, Michele and I paddle on the ergo.

It is a fantastic alternative to either paddling on water or a gym work-out, as it supplies such a hard aerobic and muscular workout.


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Technical information Kayak simulation When paddling a kayak the resistance felt during a stroke is composed primarily by two components. Inertia from accelerating during the stroke and the Drag resistance from the kayak moving through water. The Dansprint ergometer has a unique ability to simulate the feel of kayak paddling. This has been archived by carefully adapting the physical characteristics of the dansprint to match those experienced while paddling a K1 kayak.


Kayak ergometer

It gets cold in northern Minnesota. That and the rivers and lakes tend to freeze over, but minor details. I mean, if someone on YouTube could do it , so could I right? Besides, I can cross-country ski just about out my front door, and falling on XC skis into snow is a lot less painful than falling off the NordicTrack into the basement shelving.


Stroke2Max Ergometer

The multi-day race will include long treks, mountain bike segments, climbing, and sea kayaking in icy ocean waters at the tip of the South American continent. I want to be prepared. The Kayak Ergometer, an esoteric exercise machine made by Vasa Inc. The machine mimics the kayaking experience better than anything I have tried. Vasa Inc. New for this winter, Vasa adds a kayak seat option.

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