Al-Waqidi originally earned a living as a wheat trader, but when a calamity struck at the age of 50, he migrated to Iraq during the reign of Harun ar-Rashid. Western orientalists who enjoyed his writings include Martin Lings. Modern scholars generally classify Futuh al-Sham as a falsely-attributed later work, dating it to around the time of the Crusades , though some scholars believe a small portion of the text may be traced back to al-Waqidi. If one storyteller should happen to mention a raid, the next storyteller would know the date of this raid, while the third would know everything that an audience might wish to hear about. But given that this information was all unknown to Ibn Ishaq, its value is doubtful in the extreme.

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So Umaiya went with him about midday. Abu Jahl met them and said, O Abu Safwan! Who is this man accompanying you? By Allah, if you were not in the company of Abu Safwan, you would not be able to go your family safely. Umaiya asked, In Mecca? Umaiya was greatly scared by that news. When Umaiya returned to his family, he said to his wife, O Um Safwan!

She said, What has he told you? He replied, He claims that Muhammad has informed them i. But when the day of the Ghazwa of Badr came, Abu Jahl called the people to war, saying, Go and protect your caravan.

But Umaiya disliked to go out of Mecca. Abu Jahl came to him and said, O Abu Safwan! If the people see you staying behind though you are the chief of the people of the Valley, then they will remain behind with you. Abu Jahl kept on urging him to go until he i. Umaiya said, As you have forced me to change my mind, by Allah, I will buy the best camel in Mecca. Then Umaiya said to his wife. O Um Safwan, prepare what I need for the journey.

She said to him, O Abu Safwan! Have you forgotten what your Yathribi brother told you? He said, No, but I do not want to go with them but for a short distance. So when Umaiya went out, he used to tie his camel wherever he camped. He kept on doing that till Allah caused him to be killed at Badr.

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