Mesida The mobile device detects a request for a dedicated bearer from one of the applications, generates a connection message to activate the dedicated bearer, determines whether a modified Qo S is selected by the end user for the dedicated bearer that differs from a default Qo S specified in a service plan of the end user, inserts an indication of the modified QoS in the connection message responsive to a determination that the modified QoS is selected for the dedicated bearer, and transmits the connection message to an access network. The present invention relates to methods for predicting whether peptides or polypeptides comprising disease specific amino acid modifications, in particular tumor-associated neo- antigens. Suspension mechanism 1 involves at least one parallelogram and straight line mechanism 2 at least one rotating arm connected to the parallelogram through spherical joint 5 and attached to frame 10 through a rotational joint. The corrugated hose comprises at least one conductor arrangement.

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Meztikazahn Allocated and Unallocated AS blocks The method can comprise: According to the invention, the housing cup, in particular a housing wall of the housing cup, has an opening. The first region 4 of the casing comprises a pierceable portion 5and the second region comprises a pre- perforated portion 6a. In a subsequent second step, at least one second string 13c, 13d of pocketed springs is attached to a lateral surface of the innerspring main body 30so that the at least one second string 13c, 13d of pocketed springs extends in a integrw direction of the innerspring main body For the production of a fluid container of said type in accordance with demand and a timely manner, the can body 2 is produced by means of at least two layers of windings composed of carbon composite material or kraft paper.

Such conditions can be the failure of the first call setup procedure, or the receiving of a cancel message actively sent leei the first terminal. In the variable resistor according to the invention, a far advanced wear of the sliding contact and thus the end the service life of the component can be detected in a timely fashion.

The left and right imitation beetle elytron wings 2 are integta to a fuselage 1 by free hinges 6. The corrugated hose comprises at least one conductor arrangement. A method for monitoring a switching system is also integfa. The method comprises determining an optimal route between nodes based on the plurality of link potential values Pab. The present invention more particularly relates to an image display device having a display panel with a backlight panel having a plurality of LED elements, said image display device further comprising an electronic control unit operating said LED elements in drive or sensor modes in the manner that LED elements operated as receiver LEDs are selectively coupled to a power source S and an amplifier A to detect generated voltage V in response to light generated by emitter LEDs.

When the first welding part 21 and the second welding part 22 are welded together, the first module component and the second module component are fixed to each other.

The present disclosure provides a method for information transmission. The medical device is connected to at least one calibration portsaid calibration port having sensor means for ascertaining a spatial emission characteristic of a light-guiding fiber introduced into the calibration port The aircraft with imitation beetle elytron wings has a coordinated mechanism and a simple structure, is low-cost and highly reliable and adaptable, and can be widely applied to manned or unmanned aerial vehicles.

The invention relates to an adjusting device comprising a main part, at least two drive elements which implement a drive movement, and a platform which can be moved relative to the main part.

Moreover, the device has a detector capable of detecting a pest within a integfa zone. The needle seat 1 continues to be pulled, so that the needle seat 1 drives the built-in sliding sleeve 3 to slide into the lock position of the protective housing 4 and is locked, and at this point, the needle tubing 2 is fully covered by the protective housing 4 and the tip of the needle is not exposed.

The invention relates to a transmitter communication device configured to provide video data to a receiver communication deviceleu the video data comprises one or more groups of framesand each group of frames comprises a plurality of temporally successive frames. A cover layer 23 of a fleece material for an innerspring unit 20 comprising a plurality of pocketed springs 29 is manufactured by supplying at least two longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25which extend substantially parallel in a longitudinal direction and are spaced from one another, and repeatedly attaching a transverse fleece web 26, 27which extends between the longitudinal fleece webs 24, 25 in a direction substantially perpendicular to the longitudinal direction, to the longitudinal fleece webs 24, The hole is overlapping with the gap.

The invention relates to a clamping device for coupling a drilling tool 3 to a drill 1comprising a cavity 10 which has a base region When a second magnetically active material is brought close to one of the first bottom surface and the second top surface, the first magnetically active material is lifted above the gap and the electrical connection is broken. The monitoring device 1, 15 comprises: The detector 40 is arranged to detect at least a part of the beam portion 15 deflected by the probe area 30 from the light beam This aim is achieved, according to the invention, in that the transponder 1 is arranged in the tire bead 8 between a second carcass layer 21 and the outside 24 of the tire, the height dimension 18 in the radial direction of the vehicle tire between the transponder 1 and the lower side of the bead filler 5 being at least 3 mm.

Advantageously, the modules of the device are configured to jointly determine the implementation of the network slice by determining the placement of the VNFs and their connections so that the overall network costs are minimized and all the constraints are satisfied. The rotor 1 can consist of laminations, which are configured such that a combination of the rotor units 11, 12 with different operating principles is facilitated. The three-axis piezoelectric sensor has the characteristic of inetgra good frequency response.

The light source can be connected to at least one light-guiding fiber such that electromagnetic radiation generated by the light source with a defined light output is at least partly coupled into the light-guiding fiber A first medium of the first circulation loop is a low temperature liquid medium, and the Nth medium is a low temperature liquid medium having a boiling point of less than 0 degrees Celsius under standard atmospheric pressure.

List of Autonomous System Numbers When N is an integer greater than or equal to 2, an Nth circulation loop comprises an N-1 stage condenser, an N stage steam turbine or an N stage expander, an N stage condenser and an N stage liquid pump which are sequentially connected from end to end, the N-1 stage condenser being configured to cause an Nth medium flowing through the Nth circulation loop to cool an Nth-1 medium outputted by an N-1 stage steam turbine or an N-1 stage expander, the N stage condenser being configured to cool the Nth-1 medium outputted by the N stage steam turbine or the N stage expander, the N stage condenser being configured to cool the Nth medium outputted by the N stage steam turbine or the N stage expander.

A three-axis piezoelectric sensor, comprising: The device is configured to receive a network slice request and a capacity of each physical link in the network over the interfacethe request including at least one placement constraint and at least one Quality of Service, QoS, constraint. A method may include obtaining an initial image that is captured by scanning a scan object using the imaging device.

A first magnetically active material, with an electrically conducting surface, is provided in the hole. The invention also relates to a machine element 2 having a sliding surface 1 formed according to the above-mentioned method. The system 4 comprises a trap 10 with a housing 20a combating device 30 with an adapted combating radius BR and a detection device for activating the combating device when a rat is detected within the combating radius. A wireless device may identify a pending collision for a slot of a carrier between a CSI-RS and uplink data.

To improve the transmission in a radio communication system a cooperative decoding mechanism can be used for a closely spaced pair of client devices such as user equipments UEs or other communicating entities that cooperate directly over a, typically, unlicensed side-link with little or no assistance from any network node.

Especially when employed in combination with a fixed-bed pressure gasifier of the FBDB type, the fine coal feed obtained according to the invention produces, under gasification conditions as a result of the comminuting and mixing action of the rotary grating, an ash bed having support and gas passage properties which are improved compared to ash beds obtained from fine coal feeds according to the prior art.

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The optical module comprises at least one first module component and at least one second module component. Autonomous System AS Numbers The second blade module has a tapered end portion having a thickness that decreases towards the proximal end, and that defines a mating surface on the first side of the module that extends between the proximal end and the first aerodynamic surface. In the variable resistor according to the invention, a far advanced wear of the sliding contact and thus the end of the service life of the component can be detected in a timely fashion. Generally, the described techniques provide for communicating an uplink grant and a channel state information reference signal CSI-RS trigger.




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